Just Those Two

‘Daddy! Just these two?’

‘Yes. Hurry up.’

She put on her sweater and a pair of loose shorts, looking all sweet and cheerful when she held his hand out of the house. No one could tell there was nothing under her clothes except for him, and it didn’t bother nor affect him since he had been doing this to her many times.

It was almost two in the morning when he decided to do grocery shopping at the Sheng Shiong under their block, with little people to delay their purchase. Cindy was sixteen year old when she found someone to play her ‘daddy’, coming from a single parent family where her mum was always not home. The clothes she saw her mum wore was pretty obvious, using her young age to bring food to the table home with that kind of money.

Cindy was used to eyes staring at her lean, young body despite almost fully clothed, especially on her flawless legs that resembled those Korean popstars. Daddy also did his job to frighten those younger teenagers away, with his fatherly figure that showed nothing but protection.

‘That’s all we’re getting right?’

‘Yes. Let Daddy pay.’

They collected their shopping bags and went to the next block, where they found the staircase tucked right at the end (of the corridor) to be most discreet. As soon as Daddy set the bags down, Cindy unzipped her sweater and removed her shorts, as if it was natural NOT to be clothed around him.

After Cindy squatted in the corner where two walls connect, Daddy stood in front of her, looking at the scenic view of the neighbouring flats. She automatically peeled his shorts to his knees and began licking his shaft, nicely washed and erected for her to snack on. He could be well living every man’s dream, to bask in the cool wind while a little girl goes down on him, sucking and slurping every inch of his ego.

‘Daddy, it’s big enough now. Can I see what you are looking at too?’

‘Yeah. Come up.’

She squeezed herself into his arms and stared out of the snuggly tight corner, delighted at how his manhood was rubbing between her ass. Daddy shifted her butt further away from the wall until Cindy could rest her chin on her arms, pussy ready to be owned by him. Guiding himself inside that sweet pussy she kept shaved, the lil-petite was moaning to the extended duration he took to slide it in, till he was balls-deep.

‘Baby girl feeling okay?’

‘Uh huh.’

The activity happening in the quiet corner almost seemed to be straight out of a daddy-porn. A muscular, bulky figure thrusting his strong hips at a girl half his size, rubbing her back so seductively on a man that loved her differently. His huge cock had spread her pussy so much that her knees had to open wider. He had always loved how his hands looked on her tiny waist, so malleable with just a little force.

‘Daddy is cumming soon.’

‘Inside me!’

‘Safe period?’


He rocked his hips gracefully without haste into the gasping girl until she started shivering, slowly closing her orgasmic vagina on the rock, hard shaft that was sliding so easily in and out of her.


He let off a groan as his cum pumped into his little girl forcefully, filling her up as she climaxed in his big arms. Her head was looking down at her thighs that had long streaks of his precious white cum flowing, against her slightly tanned complexion from her P.E. classes.

Daddy made sure to give her everything before he pulled out, accidentally releasing the plug that was holding the rest of his load inside her. The loud splatter of the gooey goodness kept Cindy’s eyes on the ground, while she quickly reached between her legs to catch whatever was left.

Holding her small puddle of cum-stained fingers for Daddy, she licked everything off and swallowed them with a wide smile, for receiving the greatest gift from daddy. He helped her wear the sweater and shorts back, before making their way back home, where she stripped naked again, for a shower, and then ‘bedtime’.

In the comfort of home, they didn’t hold themselves back and had loud sex till she was too exhausted to move, and let Daddy finish inside her again.

‘Goodnight little one.’

*snoring sounds*

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