Mummy’s Boy

It was extremely awkward when a lady sitting at the opposite table gave me glances that I knew was more than just ‘friendly’ ones. The extra seconds she held her gaze, the ‘scan’ she did with her eyes, did not waver until her son was pulling at her arm to get her attention.

‘Mummy! Can we go up now?’

‘Okay okay. Let’s go.’

She flashed a ‘five’ hand sign for me (to wait) when she walked around a corner her son just dashed towards, leaving me in bewilderment with her ambiguous hints. I wasn’t going anywhere then and she appeared after ten minutes or so, changed out of her t-shirt and shorts. I couldn’t believe how young she looked in a romper, exposing a fair amount of skin on her shoulders.

‘What’s your name?’

Indeed, asking questions like a ‘mother’. I noticed the lipstick standing out from her face, along with a powdered skin that made her skin looked smoother than before. Don’t she have a son to think about?

‘I’m J.’

‘Oh hi! I see you here all the time, working?’


‘Why don’t you work at home or in the office?’

‘It’s windy here and I can smoke too. It helps me think.’

She smiled with relief and took a pack of cigarette from her purse, conveniently using my lighter without asking. Seeing her take long drags out of the white end, there was something else about her that attracted me.

‘Do you smoke at home?’

I asked in an attempt to see how far would things go, and I wasn’t disappointed by her prompt, and witty reply.

‘I only do that in my room. It’s air-conditioned too.’

‘Sounds comfortable.’

‘Do you want to see it?’

I started packing my bag and she discarded her three-quarter stick into the bin, walking slowly ahead of me to the lift. On the way up, she held my hand and swallowed hard before speaking.

‘My husband just went overseas, so you might need to climb through the window. My boy.. you know.’

‘I’ll wait outside then.’

Her smile confirmed my answer and she went into her place, leaving me at the corridor till she psst at me from the window. I gave my best low-wall jump and fumbled into the lit bedroom, air turning cooler as the air-conditioner blasted at full.


She held out a cigarette for me and I lit it immediately, senses craving for it to calm myself down. We sat on the bed with the ashtray between us, taking puffs between running our hands across each other’s thighs.

‘Let me take my clothes off.’

Her romper left her toned body through her feet, and I wriggled out of my shorts as well. When the ‘glow sticks’ were stubbed out, she pushed me onto the bed and slid her hands under my shirt, ‘feeling’ more than touching my body as if we had not done this in a long time. I was watch her every move and her eagerness was as energetic as someone my age.

My dick received most of her attention when she finally put her hand around it, stroking it to hear me groan under her control. I couldn’t hold anything back in her experienced strokes, secretly wanting more of it as she grew more enthusiastic. The way her manicured fingers, though plain, worked up and down my erection was such a sight I could spend the rest of the night watching.

‘Like it?’

‘Yes. It’s the best I’ve ever had.’

‘Until you tried this.’

‘Huh? *Gasped*

She let her pressed lips slid down my joystick, lubricating the rest of my shaft with warm saliva until she reached the base. I had never felt anything like that, and almost couldn’t believe how this was what her man was getting. Her relaxed face, accommodating cheeks and gag-less throat, ‘perfect’ was the only word I could come up with. If only she could do this till I came, the finale would definitely be so beautiful I would forget my name.

When she slowed her blowjob odnw to a stop, I had reached my ‘potential hardness’ before I knew it. Was that one of the things she had learnt to identify? To know if a man was ready for more?

‘Okay! Time to try a young co.. I mean, a mummy’s love love!’

She kept me on the bed with a hand on my chest, while she stepped across my hips. I expected myself to do some work but she was insistent about getting her ‘workout’ done. In all of the room’s brightness, I saw how her shaved pussy split around my cock, lowering itself till she couldn’t get anymore inside her.

In that cowgirl position, she tied her hair up and folded my shirt above my nipples. Laying her bare chest on mine, she turned into a little girl whose hips couldn’t stop fucking my cock, while trying to play ‘innocent’ in my arms. It was a new sensation to be rode and desired at the same time, both ‘romantic’ and ‘sexual’ side trying to fight for power.

Her knees were closing and relaxing to let her pussy do its job, subduing my animalistic with the tight opening that was rushing blood all over my pee pee. The orgasmic pulses through my spine was building up my climax, and the steady tempo made sure I couldn’t hold anything back when it happened.

‘Where do I cum?’

‘Cumming soon?’

‘Just asking first.’


I hugged her tighter as I shared some of the workload, twerking deeper into her pussy and hearing her moan louder. Her thighs finally stopped moving as I went full speed upward, ramming her hole at my terminal velocity.

‘Dear.. ‘

The breath of word into my neck triggered the over-sensitive barrel and it got me creaming into her pie. My hips locked in that orgasm and she took over the motion, grinding me for every drop’s worth until my body relaxed under her. I could suddenly feel the cool air from the conditioner over my skin, while she wriggled her ass playfully on my groin.

We managed to separate after a few minutes and I had to creep around the house to the common toilet. They had given the master bedroom to their child for the attached bathroom, and slept in the second bedroom for as old the son was.

After she tucked him into bed, the mother of one and I spent the night making out and petting till we fell asleep. Since I wasn’t working the next day, we bought some groceries together and cooked lunch and dinner together, during breaks between our around-the-house sex.

Talking about letting two sex-starved bunnies out in an empty house, what we did wasn’t too different from what you would expect them to do.

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