Why do You Love me?

Why do you love me?

What’s not there to love about you?

You look pretty when I look at you, as if you are for no one else but me. Each shy turn of your head, makes me wish I could follow your eyes no matter how you try to hide from me. To be your crush, friend, and love, at once, the flush only appears when you know I only have eyes for you.

The times I caught you doing something silly with me, but didn’t mean to let me see it, I can never forget how those lips disappear in embarrassment behind your mouth. Your hands, they will always be soft in mine, as if you never had a single moment of hardship with me. I can spend the whole day holding, or playing with those lazy fingers. Can you be mine forever?

I remember the moments you looked at me, and zoned out. Your eyes stared so blankly that I couldn’t bring myself to ‘wake’ you up. Was ‘I’ in your mind that instance? Or was it something I did? Somehow, I didn’t want to know, but let your eyes wander on me for as long as you wanted.

Oh! That index finger of yours! I wouldn’t forget how it bent when you pointed at the piece of jewellery behind the glass, knowing well I couldn’t afford it then. Your eyes, they sparkle like the diamonds and that particular sight of your face lighting up against the glaring window display, oh how it made me wish I could enter the shop and get you what you wanted.

Whenever we didn’t meet for a long time, the dash towards me was a horrifying one, but when I feel your ecstatic spirit in my arms, I had no strength to let go of you no matter how tired I was. Your mesmerising scent, weight fully supported only by my neck and arms, I wanted so much to melt into one with you. No amount of tiredness or fatigue could stop me from wanting more of you.

I wouldn’t dare say I needed you like oxygen, or how you are the coffee table to my sofa. You are there when I don’t need you. You made me smile when I don’t need to. You are cooking for me when I wasn’t hungry. You made things I had no use for. You ARE the reason I do not need anything. You ARE the reason I am always smiling on the inside. You ARE the aroma to my food.

You simply make things better and my life a little easier. Somehow, you became one with my mind. I am always baffled when you give me hugs though I didn’t say I needed them, feed me when I looked at your food a second longer, tickle me when my mind wanders off, text me when I wanted to hear from you. How did you know?

For someone who never listened to instrumental music, you surprised me when you stuck your earpiece into my ear, despite how unhygienic I told you it was. I had never once understood how you found the music I would fall in love with, and made me download, repeat them until you gift me another track. Are you secretly my twin?

Nights we spent watching movies on my iPad, and you would always join me. If any one of them was boring, you would fall asleep on me, knowing that I will let you lie and then join you instead. What a sneaky little brat you are..

Whenever you came over to get some time off from your family, the one thing I wanted most was for you to sleep soundly, under my blanket so you could impart your scent, but above all, to provide you comfort. You will always drag my hand to your shoulder for me to pat you to sleep, and the twist-turn cuddle on my chest would signal me to get some rest.

Imagine waffles and bacon when you wake up, that’s how you smelled to me before I opened my eyes. Your morning message will always be waiting for me when I wake up, sometimes cheating by sending it to me at 2am. And my morning messages will always be one step behind. You just had to be the person I last, and first ‘see’ for a typical day right?

So, what’s there not to love about you? If you have to have an answer, it would be – how much you made me love you.

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