Pre-Book In

‘Are you home now?’

‘Yeah. But I’m booking in at 7pm. Why?’

‘Look out of your window.’

I pulled the curtains apart and saw Yuwen, my girlfriend, standing at the gate waving at me. Immediately, I went down and opened the doors for her, greeted by her bareback romper that had no signs of bra on it.

‘You came here like this?!’

‘Yeah. Why? Is anybody home?’

‘Nope. Just me. Your top is so revealing!’

‘So? Don’t you like it?’

She dropped her x-back straps over her shoulders and walked up the stairs topless, stopping halfway to let me bump into her. I wasn’t going to let this pre-book-in romp pass like this, and grabbed the waistband to pull it down her legs. Making our way to my bedroom, she was only in her undies then and it wasn’t on her for too long either.

Before we knew it, our clothes were all over the floor and we were making out like long-lost lovers on the bed. I was on top of her, kneeling on each side of her waist while kissing her soft skin. The usually-reserved girl was jerking me as I suckled on her interestingly inverted nipples, till she was groaning and squirming to my occasional nibbles.

‘Fuck me well before you go in.’

‘You don’t say.. ‘

I let her hold my face against hers while reaching for my bedside drawer, fumbling around for one of the condoms I had strewn in there. Handing one to her, she took the job of capping me on, though it took slightly longer since our passionate kisses were a little distracting. Still, it was on after some time and her legs were spreading for me to get between them.

Out of habit, she licked her fingers to lube her pussy with some saliva, before I was allowed to enter. Pushing my way into that love gap, her fingers tightened around my arms, embracing the temporary pain that would transcend to pleasure in a few moment’s time.

The few seconds that both of us enjoyed was when I parked my meat inside her, and did nothing but stared at the faces we made. It was a mini competition to get each other turned on without any movements, but the urge was hard to resist. I was always the ‘loser’ by thrusting my hips after a long while, and getting her moaning and screaming with my desperate need to get some relief.

Pumping wholeheartedly at her, I couldn’t get enough of her dirty talks, asking me to slow down and at the same time, fuck her harder. It was all crazy and loud in the room with the two of us taking turns to ‘want more’, not allowing breaks whenever we grew tired.

‘Let me try on top.’

As I stopped for a position change, my mind would recall the times she rode me till I came – which was every time. She placed her knees by my sides and sat back on my cock, poking easily into her vagina since she was so wet. I then became the one groaning and begging when she rocked her waist so rapidly, taking advantage of my long stamina for her own pleasure.

‘Wei! I’m cumming le!’

‘So fast?!’


She hopped off my cock suddenly and turned into 69 over my face. Chugging her face with the exploding missile, I focused as hard as I could to lick her juicy cunt, while holding back a few more seconds for a bigger blow.

Two minutes into the who-cums-first challenge, a deep throat over my little head tortured me till it barfed into her mouth. Halfway shooting and twitching, she climaxed over my face and moisturised my lips with her honey. At that instant, both of us were swallowing as fast as we could, so we could catch our breaths.

Only when I had calmed down, did I realised she wasn’t getting off my face any time soon, and further asked me to eat her out. Of course, I couldn’t reject her offer since she was still licking me clean, and we remained in that position till I was thirty minutes away from row-call.

The rush to shower and get dressed was an easy one, with her help but no help when she caused another erection in her nakedness. When she pulled out a bra from her bag, did my mind feel at ease, since I wouldn’t want her to take the long trip home braless.

‘I only removed the bra at your doorstep. Don’t worry k army boy!’

My gorgeous girlfriend walked me to the entrance of the camp before heading home, and there was no shortage of questions from my buddies about our ‘action’ during my weekend. Well, they were just a ‘room’ away from fucking my girlfriend’s brain out with their horniness after all.

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