Fixing the BlackMail

(She pleaded) ‘J? Can you tell me who sent you those videos after I help you?’

‘Of course. You know you are doing this for me to delete them right?’

‘Yeah. Come.’

Ginny led me to a staircase in the newly built HDB and squatted behind the door, bag still slung over her shoulder. I didn’t do anything then and just stood in front of her, until she began to unbuckle my belt. As soon as my cock was freed, she brought her mouth to my cock and started sucking on it, moving her head back and forth to make her ‘payment’.

‘The videos come from a website. Keep going and I’ll tell you more.’

More saliva went over my rod to give it a slippery texture, amplifying the sensation of her tongue sliding underneath my shaft. The small, cute face was hardly one imaginable to have a thick cock going in and out of, but that was what made her so appealing.

‘How many dicks have you sucked?’

A flash of five fingers only got me harder when she started snorting through her nose, almost in tears after answering my question. As she slowed down, I took over the control and thrust gently, going deeper and deeper till I was enjoying the session again.

‘Can we not do this anymore?’

She let one of my strokes miss and we stopped right there, making me feel so guilty all of a sudden. I didn’t want to continue further and she just went to my side when I sat at the stairs, ready to keep my package back in my pants.

‘Can you help me stop the videos from spreading?’

‘I can try. But no promises.’

‘Thank you. The rest of the guys just.. said no. And wanted to keep meeting me.’

She pulled me up on my feet and helped me zip up, walking out of the stairwell and to a door. Afraid that it was some police waiting behind, I waited a few steps away and really took my time to peep and check that there was no one else inside.

An elderly woman waved to me and I knew it was fairly safe, entering her house after I took my shoes off.

‘Who is this?’

‘My friend. He is here to help me with my homework. *whispering* come.’

We went into her bedroom and kept the door wide, while she took out some homework to complete our make-pretend. Her mum placed a cup of water on the study table and then closed the door for us, TV sounds coming shortly after.

Ginny locked the door as quietly as she could before she stripped naked for me, sitting on the bed looking better after she stopped crying. I was led in front of her and she removed my clothes again, all of it this time. We swapped places on the bed and she went on her knees before me, taking my disinterested cock in her mouth till it was big.

In the comfort of her air-conditioned room, her blowjob was completely different, with long, up-down strokes covering the full length, it was easy to get in the mood too.

After a while, I brought her into bed and laid next to her, running my fingers across her pussy that was already wet and sticky. There was no resistance when I pushed two of my fingers inside, pleasing her to sweet sounding moans that was soft and shy.

‘Do you want to fuck me?’

‘Where’s your computer?’

A smile lit her face up and she quickly fetched her laptop for me. Sitting upright on the bed, the bed-top desk made it easy for me to work while she remained by my side, looking all hopeful and focused on what I was about to do.

Typing in the few URLs from my phone, the pages with her videos popped up to her horror but there was not a single bit of worry on her face. She continued jerking me off in her soft palm while I clicked on the ‘Report Sexual References’ on each page, magically making the compromising content vanish.

‘Pause for a while?’

Ginny wriggled between my legs and the laptop, sitting down over my raw dick as I continued following repost links to other sites that hosted her videos. It was difficult to stay composed with a girl bouncing on my lap, plus the fact that she was tight beyond my wildest imagination.

‘Can I continue this when I drop by again? I’ve reported all of the links I can find. But I’ll check again tomorrow.’

‘Okay! Or you can stay here for a while and check again later.’

She pushed my back onto the bed and moved her laptop away, making space for us to get some ridin’ done. The tiny frame riding me was definitely a sight to behold when she rocked her body so fast, as if she was repaying her benefactor with her body.

I flipped ourselves around after some time and continued the sex by pounding her pussy from the top, sending her moaning into the bolster she used to cover her mouth with. In pure ecstasy of our raw genitals fucking so hard, I wasn’t going to last any longer than that.

‘I’m gonna cum soon.’

‘Take it out, take it out.’

I quickly exited before my body got the better of me, and she requested me to sit on her chest. Her small, thin lips took the tip of my dick in and her hand pumped the juicy piece of shaft, going so fast till I came in her mouth. The eager-to-please girl sucked everything out of me, and perhaps a little more than what I had. My mind went blank for a few seconds when she did that and we just froze in that position for her to lick everything up.

By the time we were dressed, she was in an oversized white tee, braless and pantyless under her clothes.

‘Can my teacher stay for dinner? We still got some work to do.’

Her unsuspecting mum had long predicted that and served up an extra bowl of rice for me, before we were left to ourselves while she went downstairs to buy some groceries and ice cream. We did the dishes together and my dick, well, it was inside her the whole time she did the washing.

The quickie ended with a second load in her mouth, before we finished up in the kitchen and went back to the living room. After collecting our dessert, we headed into her bedroom once again, and letting her lick my cock drenched in melting ice cream.

I did the final check of the websites on the laptop, on her back in doggystyle. It was a weird position to have sex in but I still managed to get the job done. Not that I wanted to take advantage of her, but I would definitely need to return to use her laptop again (since I didn’t want to leave any traces on my PC).

The third, and final cumshot landed in her mouth though it wasn’t quite as filling. Ginny walked me home with a sore pussy and bloated stomach, leaving me to myself while we texted our plans for the next day.

‘My mum won’t be home from 8 to 6pm tomorrow. Drop by then?’

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