‘Artistic’ Pornography

‘Can you accompany to a photoshoot? I stupidly signed up with an agent and it’s a bikini shoot. I’ll feel better if you’re there too. She said I could bring someone along.’

Ashe’s concerns were much bigger than my worries and I couldn’t turn her down. We went up to the hotel room as assigned and saw about four photographers setting up their cameras and strobe lights around the bed. She was given ample time to make up and had help adjusting the clothes for the shoot.

As for me, I sat in a corner with my iPad and looked at Ashe from time to time to reassure her. Starting out with a boyfriend shirt and a pair of small shorts, they slowly come off her until she was in her two piece swimwear, shifting all over the bed to get into the various positions they wanted to shoot her in. Well, it seemed that she had been too paranoid. The photographers and us had a good chat over some snacks and drinks during the break, and things moved on to the second part where she changed another set of clothes for the same ‘strip’ again.

‘Do you want to join in? I think we can use a figure behind her. Just some hugging and posing.’

‘Come join us!’

Ashe’s cheerful spirit came as a surprise and I climbed into bed with my socks on, as requested. We did a few poses together to many compliments until things started to get a little hot, as if I was getting shy touching my friend’s body.

‘Kneel sideways with him and take his shirt off.’

The flashes went off non-stop as we did just that, and was hugging face to face.

‘Can you put your hand on his crotch? That part is quite obvious on him.’

One of them drew the curtains and dimmed some of the lights, changing the mood to an erotic one when I was asked to untie her top but hold her in a way that hid her nudity. Things advanced past my understanding when I found myself just in my underwear, with a hard on that got all the lens pointing at.

Of course, Ashe’s hands were all over my bulge and it didn’t take more than two more instructions to get me down to my skin. By then, both of us were naked, but all the photographers were only snapping when none of our genitals were in frame.

As our minds were slowly fading into another realm, she was doing their bidding easier, caressing the ‘male model’ (me) in a manner I couldn’t resist groaning to. I was soon lying on the bed watching my erection get all the attention when she went down on me.

‘Suck slowly.’

Two voices requested the same thing and I was the beneficiary of her slow blowjob, driving me into a lightheaded mood quickly. I blanked out for a while until I felt her weight on my belly, along with a soft gap lowering itself over my hardened cock.

Between my tired eyelids, the gorgeous Ashe was riding me in very slow strides, making the long ‘slides’ very seductive for the cameras. With the shutter sounds firing in closer frequencies, Ashe began to lose control of herself, riding me at an increasing speed until she was literally just fucking me.

Something in me was growing in the ‘limelight’ and I wasn’t in control when I threw her off the bed to get into doggystyle. My dick plunged right in her around the camera men changing angles, capturing all of my forceful thrusts into their dear model.

Ashe was moaning in front of a DSLR that was obviously in video mode, making orgasmic faces like a pornstar. We were doing it raw in front of them and had no bit of shame at all. I just played with her jiggling boobs as my hips worked, sending screams into the lens before her face.

‘I’m cumming Ashe!’

We knew our limits only went that far and I pulled out of her, while she slumped onto the pillow trembling to an orgasm that was pulsating through her. I went to her side on my knees and let her suck me off, executing her best moves consisting of deep throat, little-head tease, and cheeks-collapsing suction.

Within a minute, my cum was shooting through the air into her opened mouth, accumulating in her lower jaw at the three cameras surrounding where my fluids came from. Well, since we were ‘at it’, I just grabbed her cheeks and turned it towards me, tilting up at my upright kneeling position so I could kiss her.

They skilfully caught the moment she swallowed behind those pressed lips, and we continued kissing for a few seconds longer. They were finally done with us and just checked their goods quietly.

‘Guys, this is good. Really good. I’ll definitely send you my photos for keepsake.’

The rest of them agreed to send our photos to us and packed up in the next thirty minutes, giving us the room for the rest of the night till noon tomorrow. Though the hotel was a budget one, it wasn’t shabby, and we made full use of however much time we were left with.

First, a shower, then back to ‘action’ from our still-hyped-up mood. Only after the third round concluded at 3am, did we suspect that our drinks were spiked, when we finished them just seconds ago.

So, 5am it was, when we fell asleep out of exhaustion no matter how more we wanted. It was certainly a photoshoot worth remembering for the rest of our lives.

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