First Last Time

‘When was the last time you got so close to someone?’

‘Since my last girlfriend.’

‘Is it normal to feel breathless?’

‘Yes. But it’s for a reason.’

‘Huh? What is it?’

I raised Alina’s chin to my face and heard the exhalation through her nose growing desperate, until my lips pasted firmly onto hers. The longest breaths then swooshed into our noses as if it was the first in our lives, filling up our chests with air mixed with our bodily scents that couldn’t felt more comforting.

Our dry lips stuck together unwillingly as we pulled away, staring into each other in an unspoken strong bond, that seemed to say ‘we wanted more’. Behind the verification of our feelings, the tiny, invisible thread of connection grew thicker, until our noses touched again. This time, her tongue came forth to taste my lips, and mine to feel hers.

‘How far do couples go with a kiss?’

‘As far as both of them want?’

She shyly placed her hands on my waist right where my shirt ended, and we continued making out to her ticklish caress. Alina didn’t flinch when I touched her hips, and even unbuttoned (not unzipped) her shorts so she be more relaxed in her skin. We moved up a flight of stairs from the lift landing for more privacy, and that alone got her more adventurous.

‘Can you massage my boobs? I haven’t had anyone else touch there before.’

She slipped my hand into her back and I unclasped her bra easily, roaming to her freed cups with both hands. Her breathing got faster as I teased her nipples, while kneading them gently in my palms. The little ‘tryst’ we had intensified when she undo my jeans, sticking her fingers into my underwear before it was even low enough.

‘It’s so warm.’

‘Just nice for the weather isn’t it?’

The increasing volume of the raindrops surrounding us masked our activities, and my cock was soon getting a sloppy handjob in the open, enjoying the smoothness of her skin against the thickening shaft. I stepped forward towards a wall to let her lean on it, my turn to stick my hand into her panties that clung tightly around her tiny hips in blue laces.

Her shorts fell to her feet as I worked on her clit, listening to her breaths that turned to soft moans with each passing minute. Her panties were well out of the way to make more space, as we got more daring in the discreet corner.

‘Do you want me to suck it?’

‘Not unless you want to.’

She bundled her hair to a side of her skinny shoulder while I took my hands out of her shirt. Squatting down before me, I watched her lick her lips before she went down on me, sucking my tip for the start. Her tongue did most of the job in getting me high, and it was some time before I sensed her lips sliding down my shaft, coating it with saliva to aid the whole oral treat.

For a newbie, Alina did a great job when I almost lost my balance in the slow and romantic blowjob. Every inch of my cock got her attention one way or another, delivering the most sensational tingle across my spine.

‘You can stop now. It’s good enough.’

We went to the steps to sit her down, and it was my turn again, to dip my fingers into her pussy that was so stickily wet. I remained by her side as I used my twist-turn-scoop manoeuvre to get her moaning wildly, sending her into an orgasmic trance with my high-speed thrusts. My fingers were literally digging her out when she came all over the floor, dripping a thin, viscous liquid whenever she climaxed.

She couldn’t stop me no matter how hard she pushed me away, until I was sure she came at least three times, and my fingers hurt. When we were finally done with each other, she couldn’t move any further and let me dress her up. Also, not forgetting to spend more time kissing at the void deck.

As for me, the satisfaction of pleasing my crush was as good as cumming. We didn’t talk about what we did at the stairs and went home as if nothing happened, except for the part we decided to give ‘love’ a shot.

She’s my girlfriend now.

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