Fucked in Turns

‘J! Thanks for being our photographer today. I know it’s tiring to be running around and stuff. Here’s one for you!’

The time had come when it was finally too dark to get any more photos out of the girls at the staycation, and most of them were in less-than-glamorous state over beer and whiskey. The resort they had booked had a few rooms for those who were staying over, and I was given a mattress out of the cramped house to put my photographer gear. Since I wasn’t going to drink much, I took it upon myself to help whoever was thrashed, into bed.

At 2am, I was the last to go to sleep and was invited to sleep with one of the girls (whose name I didn’t know) on the queen-sized bed. Having everything in place, I fell asleep quickly out of exhaustion. My main camera was left with the girl who invited me, Chloe, for her to browse through.

‘hey.. shhh! quieter can?’

My weary eyes opened to the foreign voices, confused by eerie, candle lit room at an unknown hour. Three of the girls, including Chloe, could be seen moving around me in their underwear. It was only then I recalled the names of the other two, Alicia and Bella. Although I knew Chloe from some time back, I only knew of her D cups when she wore her swimsuit. Just imagine a petite 1.58m girl having that size on her chest, breathtaking right?

As for Alicia, she was the skinny one, bikini barely hanging on her body if not for the strings that were tied at their smallest fit. Her long hair and sweet face made up for her boney structure, somewhat alluring for the fuckboys that tried to hit on her. Bella, was a slightly curvy girl with a mushroom hairstyle she cut right before the staycation. Her body was the most proportionate out of ALL the ladies, and her clothes went very well with her figure too.

‘i think he is asleep. i’ll check.’

The loud whisper was hard to miss as Chloe appeared in my sight, smiling at my awakeness. As soon as I tried to get up to see what they were up to, I realised I couldn’t move my limbs at all. My words came out in a slur and the girls were just excited at what happened to me. After they stripped me down to my underwear, they gathered in a triangle and o-ya-beh-ya-som-ed.

Alicia was the first to stay in the room while the rest left, stripping down to her birthday suit before sitting next to my groin. My undies were gone in a flash in her excited mood and my cock was soon getting a handjob from her.

She went down on me to get a ‘taste’, sucking me for a good five minutes before she rolled a condom down on my erection. The next thing I knew was her sitting on top of me, and riding me to soft moans she tried very hard to contain. Her pussy was so wet that it made the whole ‘ride’ so slippery. I could feel how my hard cock slid deeply into her pussy before she rocked it ‘out’, repeating the process till I was groaning like a mentally-disabled guy.

All the muscles in my body tensed and relaxed to the same pace as her orgasms, making her scream whenever her pussy squeezed me hard. Her feet moved under her ass to a squat after some time and I was jerking to the violent bouncing until I came into the condom.

Like a ragdoll, she stood up after she was done and took the condom off, licking my tool clean for the next person. A minute after she left the room, Bella entered and she didn’t suck me like Alicia did. Instead, she sat with my shaft under her pussy and masturbated herself till juices began flowing.

My cock entered her raw and the same thing happened all over again. She was fucking my brains out along with her agonising groans whenever she came. My groin was drenched with her juices after her third orgasm, that seemed to come much more easier than Alicia. The second load came after ten minutes of crazy, hard hopping on my dick. Unleashing it all into her vagina, the final climax sprayed pee all over my body and left me in a half-awake state when she got off my shrivelling dick.

She dried me up in a haste and let Chloe into the bedroom, wishing her goodnight before Bella closed the door for us.

‘J, they are the two who were crushing you so crazily. Sorry that this have to happen to you.’

Chloe was by my side since the start, jerking my frightened cock to another erection without hurry. She got into 69 after I was ‘up’ and used my nose to massage her clit while she blew me, taking it down her throat to revive my hardness that was slightly slower to achieve its maximum potential.

In five minutes or so, I was calm enough to let her do anything she wanted, knowing I couldn’t win whatever drugs they used on me.

‘Smell this.’

She held a brown bottle at my nose and my strength came back to me all at once. I got up and hid behind the blanket angry at what she just did to me. Well, how could I get angry at a friend who was naked with those huge cups on her small frame right?

‘Do you wanna have sex with me?’

‘Bella just did it raw with me. I don’t think we should. I need to go for a check up.’

‘What? She did that?! Fuck! I know she’s clean. We just tore her hymen when we were fooling around in the bathtub. Can we do it raw too? Please?’

‘Lie down first.’

She jumped into position like an obedient girl and let me kneel between her legs. My naked cock she made hard dipped into her wet hole with much ease and we were humping like rabbits rightaway, moaning and groaning our hearts out without a care for the other stayers. The two girls from earlier dashed into the room thinking something happened, didn’t stop us after we shut our mouths. Instead, they laid next to Chloe and let me finger them while I fucked her. The three girls made up the most beautiful three-person choir that filled the room with their sexy voices.

The tension in the room was so high and hot that I couldn’t hold myself back for long, blowing my (whatever little) load into Chloe after a brief warning. The girls then pinned me on the bed and licked me clean, vying for the tiny droplets that oozed out of my dick.

The four of us spent the rest of the night sleeping together and when I woke up at noon, I was dressed with only my pants down. Chloe, she was sucking my morning wood off and didn’t stop till I came at the final checkout call.

When the group of eight parted ways, the three girls whom I fucked, or fucked me, in one night, led me to Alicia’s house which was empty. Make a guess about what happened for the rest of that day. ;)

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