Fucked by Both

In the dimly lit alley, the girl swaying in a white camisole and denim shorts stopped suddenly and turned behind to look at me. Since I wasn’t going to do anything untoward to her (minus the fantasies), I continued on my path till I walked passed her.

‘Umm.. Can you walk beside me?’

‘Sure. You stay at block 201 right?’

‘How did you know?’

‘It’s hard not to notice someone like you living in the same block.’

We continued on the path at a slower pace, while a group of three Chinese guys were heard hurrying behind us. As we moved aside to make way for them, one of them landed a punch on my stomach and threw me off into the grass. Another guy grabbed me up and I was dragged with her behind a utility building, right next to the garbage dump.

‘So he is the new guy?’

‘No Bryce! He isn’t. It’s long over between us, why can’t you just leave me alone?!’

The slap that went across her face was so hard that I could almost feel the pain, and she was almost unconscious from the impact. A cable tie locked my wrists together and I was left in a corner, while the guys went ahead to strip her shorts off. The feeble resistance didn’t help much against the three of them, especially Bryce who was loosening his pants.

Holding her head up by her hair, he forced himself into her mouth and fucked her lips, choking and gagging till mucus was leaving all over his dick. One of the guys were on lookout, while the other held his phone camera at the assault that was happening.

She was next made to bend over on her knees on that rough concrete ground, panties torn off easily like paper from her hips. Bryce didn’t hold anything back when he stabbed his cock into his ex-girlfriend’s pussy, pumping as fast as he could go. Whenever someone walked past, he would freeze inside her and wait till the coast was clear before continuing the rape.

The poor neighbour learnt not to scream after he pinched the sensitive sides of her breasts whenever she tried to make a sound. After five minutes of the heartbreaking sex, he let off a groan and held her still while he came inside her.

She immediately went hysterical after knowing he shot his load but was quickly taught a lesson with a few kicks across her belly.

‘Now that I’m done with you. It’s time to enjoy the moment with your new boyfriend. I’ll let you go after you make him cum.’

She crawled to me in tears and undid my shorts, which I tried in vain to dodge from. His hand holding her hair was my signal not to resist, and it didn’t take her long to start jerking me off.

‘Use your mouth!’

In doggy, she went down on me and I let my body gave them the erection they wanted. It was hard NOT to imagine the pain she was going through, but I was probably the only ‘ticket’ out of this. To be fair, her blowjob wasn’t bad at all. The way her tongue rested under my shaft while she moved up and down, and sucking really hard whenever pre-cum leaked, I was shamefully enjoying it. She would kiss the sides and drag her lips all over, teasing the parts few paid attention to. Really, it wasn’t hard to understand why that ‘Bryce’ would do this to her.

‘You can ride him now.’

‘Huh! But I really don’t know him.’

‘And you are sucking him so obediently? Get on top of him now!’

Her scrapped knees were covered in blood when she got up, and sat helplessly over my dick she held upright. He freed my hands after I asked to play with her boobs but didn’t take advantage of that. Instead, I let her knees rest on my palms while she rocked me out, pleasing my cock that had no sense of guilt.

I couldn’t believe how tight she was after all the sex she did with him (when she was attached), and even after he fucked her so violently. Groans were escaping my mouth and it did comfort her a little. Her soft moans joined me after seeing how much I was enjoying her service, but wasn’t loud enough for him to hear it.

We spent a good ten minutes in that erractic, random cowgirl before I felt the urge coming.

‘I’m coming soon!’

‘Squat over him now. You like to do that don’t you?’

She removed my hands and did exactly just that, bouncing on my hips till I clenched my teeth and squirted all of my goodness into her. She kept her fingers over her pussy as she took me out, and squeezed her pussy multiple times to get whatever she could force out.

He caught hold of her hand before she could ‘pour’ them away, and brought it to her face for her to consume it. Perhaps it was what they did in the past, she swallowed both our cum after he threatened to rip her top off. Moments after everything was over, they made their getaway and left us dishevelled in darkness.

‘I’m sorry.’

‘So am I. I can’t do anything to help at all.’

I brought her back to her place since she was bleeding all over her legs, and didn’t want to leave her alone too. Her parents were asleep by then and we a long time patching her up.

‘Do you want to sleep here tonight?’

‘Will it inconvenient you?’

‘Nope. You just have to be quiet. I don’t want them to know.’

She changed into a nightie wearing nothing underneath and let me wear one of her oversized shirt. I couldn’t wear my underwear since it had some of her blood on it (from riding me earlier), so I had to sleep in just her shirt and nothing else.

Halfway through the night, we found our arms brushing across parts that awakened us, and spiralled into an intense make out session that led to unprotected sex – though we skipped the doggystyle.

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