Not So Lonely

‘Why are you still up? Not sleepy?’

Sitting in the open BBQ area surrounded by blocks that have gone quiet, nothing was more relaxing than to be alone out there, sipping what’s left of the bottle of whiskey I brought while deep in thoughts.

‘Not yet. I actually like thinking when I’m a little high. It’s interesting to see what thoughts would come into mind.’

‘Can I have some too?’

The sister of a friend who we were told not to give any alcohol to, came out of the freezing bedroom and joined me at a bench. We snacked on the hot dogs I cooked on the smouldering charcoal pit, and drank till the lights went out at 2am.

For the whole evenm, she was the one doing most of the cooking, and even serving the crazily loud group I was in. In the end, I was the only one to help her clean things up, before she went to sleep while I disposed the trash bags into the bigger bins.

A demure, quiet girl who didn’t so much complain about doing all the work, it was hard to picture her in anything else despite the loose spag top and short beach shorts she wore.

As the night passed, the effects of alcohol got the better of us and we were leaning against each other for support. Not exactly sure how it happened, but her back was soon lying on my chest, while my arms hugged her tightly. Roxanne, being the opposite of her violet sister, had the attention and care from all of us. In a way, we felt really bad for making her do the work while we enjoyed ourselves.

I didn’t think much when she held my hands on her belly, until she moved it lower. Only when a familiar rubber waistband slapped on my wrist, did I learnt that I was actually in her shorts.

‘Kor.. ‘

She pushed my frozen middle finger down and I felt a wet slit immediately. The light headed me didn’t pull away and instead, let her masturbate herself with my finger. Without any of the kinky moans, we just stayed very still in position, while she grabbed my index finger and slipped both (my index and middle finger) into her pussy.

The slight tightness was something I could never forget since she was much younger, and the last serving of whiskey went down her throat in the stainless steel cups I brought.

‘In case you are wondering, I’m not a virgin.’

Hoping that I would be more turned on, it didn’t happen. There was no way I could take advantage of that even if she asked for it. After all, how can ‘kor’ make his ‘sister’ relief his sexual urges right? She raised her butt from the bench and pulled her shorts down to her thighs.

Her hands went behind and started taking off my shorts blindly. My hard on excitedly throbbed in her stroking hand no matter how hard I tried not to want it, but let’s face it, it was impossible NOT to enjoy a teenage girl’s hand on a hard tool.

After she took my hand out, she leaned forward on her hands and shifted backwards, till her ass was wriggling on my groin. I then angled my erection at her pussy, letting her ‘sit’ on my cock that was sliding so gracefully into her. With our legs spread over the wooden bench, I found my footing to thrust my hips at that tight hole. If anyone had walked in on us, we could simply sit down and pretend that nothing was happening.

Her partial doggy position allowed the full size of my hard on to pound her without restraints, panting loudly as I hammered the juices out of her. We were going like little bunnies that just discovered sex, though I was in a much more dire state of mind not to cum before she did.

When her hand slapped on my thigh and squeezed, her vagina vaccum-sealed me inside her and stopped my movements out of desperation. The overwhelming tightness was impossible to move against without losing control, and cumming inside her was the last thing I wanted to happen over a 2D1N chalet stay.

‘fuck.. it’s the first time I came from sex.’

She bent forward to rest her knees on the bench and we quickly changed to the proper doggystyle. This time, she wanted me to stick my dick into her O-shaped grip under her pussy, and asked me to go all the way. In a ‘hole’ I could afford to cum into, I didn’t hesitate anymore and went all out.

The both of us were moaning in such loud whispers that it was hard to imagine no one heard us. Her knuckles continued to rub against her clit as I fucked her from behind, until she closed her fist around my cock.

‘I’m going to shoot!’

‘Just let it out.. ‘

Her back straightened against my chest as she lifted my cock against her pussy between her thighs, holding it firmly under her pussy I was pumping so furiously into. I rested my chin on her neck as I was about to cum, and watched the bench get my ‘string shot’ all over it. The witty girl continued to jerk my last few drops off, leaving me with nothing but good memories. We hastily returned things to normality before going into the chilly bedroom together, and shared a pillow to sleep on the floor, a tight, small space between the bed and a wall.

When I woke up the next day, she was already up and no one seemed to know what we did. Things between us were back to normal until we meet again, at a complimentary hotel stay which her parents left the room for her and her sister to sleep till morning. If not for her sister (my friend) sneaking out to party, we wouldn’t have the room to ‘play in’.

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