Over Soon

‘Don’t fight it. It will be over soon.’

The father Cindy knew only as an alcoholic held her head against the pillow with one hand while the other stripped her shorts and panties off her feet. She was almost asleep when he stomped into her bedroom after returning home, shocking her wide awake when he slumped onto her bed. Knowing how messed up her parents were, she went to sleep every night fully clothed, except that it wasn’t enough to stop him this time.

After getting her naked waist down, he jumped onto her back and started loosening his pants, sliding his body down her back to let her feel his hard on between her ass.

Cindy was screaming since it started but couldn’t get any attention when he forced her face into the pillow, suffocating her for nearly as long as she tried to resist. Only when she got breathless and struggled for air, did he turn her head to let her breathe.

‘See? You can’t do anything.’

His dick chaffed her dry pussy when he forced it in, burning her between her groin, until his relentless thrusts managed to get some lubrication going. By then, she was already in so much pain it didn’t mattered if all of his dick was sliding into her vagina. The poor girl was trying to sooth the pain with the pleasure she knew she shouldn’t be enjoying, except that it was the next best thing to make the whole rape thing less painful. In that depressed and inexperienced body of hers, she didn’t know how to cope with the mix of pain and pleasure, moaning and screaming at whenever each sensation felt stronger.

The insane old man rode that smooth ass as he grunted fiercely, pumping his cock at his beautifully, distressed daughter. Her tightness was so addictive on his long, neglected dick that he couldn’t slow down no matter how much he tried to ‘make this last longer’.

‘A baby is coming!’

‘No Daddy! Please stopppp.. ‘

Her belly warmed up as huge portions of semen flooded into her pussy, filling her up in the most humiliating way ever. How could a father ever do this to his daughter? Despite panting out of breath at his old age, he didn’t pull out of the sore pussy he just inflicted. Instead he laid on top of her for what felt like a long time until he got hard again. Cindy no longer had any more strength to fight against him after what he just did, succumbing to the fate of being his daughter.

Once his strength returned in the presence of his seductive, half-naked girl, he split her legs apart and fucked her with her hips elevated from the bed, pounding her in doggystyle with litte, to no struggle. The fucked up father was laughing as he raped his girl, enjoying the abuse that felt as if there were no consequences to bear. At the expense of her young mind, the monster in humanity showed itself as something without mercy, nor morals when anger takes control.

‘Again Cindy! Again!’

‘Please.. stop it daddy.. ‘

He slammed his hips as hard as he could against her as the second load of cum shot into her pussy, all bruised and swollen from the violence. The grin appearing on his face was a complete opposite of how she looked on the bed, eyes red and tearing from the pain, if he could see her. He stayed in that doggy position till he was satisfied with his empty balls, leaving his girl alone in the room like a prostitute who just signed up for something she couldn’t handle.

Hearing the hisses from the can of beer he popped, Cindy couldn’t felt more helpless and useless in the family which didn’t so much cared about her at any point in time. Perhaps it is time – to die.

If anyone of you out there knows victims of sexual abuse, no matter what age they are, please make a police report for them. If you are someone who have gone through such abuse yourself, do not fear shame, but fear the lack of shame against those monsters who should be taught a lesson for ruining the better part of humanity.

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