Hi guys! Been a while since I wrote anything ‘personal’ but I want to put this reminder out (again). As more stories are written and lined up for publication (here), I welcome any feedback to improve readability especially in terms of formatting, blog layout/ colour scheme, bold/ italics, and other styles that might affect how better you can read my work.

Also, more stories will be put into schedule, in particular those I have written offline. So, in short, they will be put online, following a certain timeline. I estimate the amount of stories to last till 2023. Most of this uploading-work will be menial, but I have a little break which will most certainly prove useful.

Good to know that you guys are still here, or if you are here for the first time, welcome! And I hope this little literature will keep your reading-genes active. Remember to feedback! Especially the tiny little ‘urghhs’ that can make your stay more pleasant.

Reach me here.

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