Teach Me Teach Me

‘We’re almost done here. A drink?’

Taylene was not surprised at her tutor’s offer since they started drinking shots at the end of the lessons. It was her way to unwind after a three hour brain squeeze, and she wasn’t too suspicious with his righteous character too.

After she swallowed the shot of whiskey he poured, he took one as well and concluded her lesson with a debrief.

‘Can I have another one?’

‘That’s a first. Feeling stressed?’

He twisted the cap off his hip flask and poured another shot into two cups this time, giving her a ‘cheers’ before they dumped it down their throats. The slow music that accompanied them changed to a party theme after she switched tracks over the bluetooth speakers, transporting them momentarily to a ‘club’ in her very room.


Taylene got up and danced sillily, to her tutor shaking his head in disapproval. When she started pulling her top off, did he got up and tried to leave, only to be shoved onto her bed while she spun to him. Climbing over his lap, her bra snapped off and her boobs were dangling right before his wide eyes.

‘Hey. Stop this Kaylene. Wait till I’m out of your room.’

‘You can touch, you can play, if you say, I’m always yourrrrssss~’

She hopped one-leg-space between his legs and slapped her palm over his groin, squeezing his unerected dick to the music blaring in her bedroom. He could feel the centre of her shorts getting warm and moist even with his pants on, since she was rubbing herself on that part of his thighs.

He watched in horror, and also pleasure, as she undid his belt, followed by his underwear sliding to his feet. Keeping the music in a loop, his moans caused by her handjob was safe within the room, but her singing voice was turning softer.

Not wanting to be just the receiver, he helped her onto the ground and stripped her bottoms off, before she climbed over him again. The honed up teacher then flipped over to put her on the bed, and slid his body down to the floor. Like how crazy she was, he placed his mouth over her pussy and made out with her clit, driving the volume of her moans up as her body shivered uncontrollably.

The few minutes past without much action on her part until she jolted up, and pushed him onto the floor. Lying on her belly ON the bed, she supported her body on her hand while she crawled to his waist (like when you’re too lazy to get ‘out’ of bed to take something not too far away). Taking his cock into her sweet mouth, he was given a royal treat of ‘hands-free blowjob’ in that never-seen-before position.

‘Help me!’

He got out under her and brought her back into bed, where she patted on an empty space for him to lie on. Side-by-side, they just continued to masturbate each other without the desire to have sex, since he knew it wouldn’t be gentlemanly to ask before she did.

His fingers managed to get five orgasms out of her while she jerked him off in a erratic rhythm to the point-of-ejaculation. When he said his final words, she went faster until he stopped her at the tip of his cock, fingers wrapped around his ‘point’ to contain the eruption of his pipe.

Thick warm cum coated the insides of her palm while he did his job, groaning to his jerking hips to make use of her loosening fingers for the last few squirts of cum to exit. They then cleaned themselves up as best as they could before getting dressed, and went to the kitchen together to rinse their hands.

‘I’ll see you tomorrow. Remember to do the homework k?’

‘I will! Check your bag for a surprise k?’

He immediately dropped her a text after finding her wet panties, possibly soaked even before they had that drink. After that day, it was routine for them to get some ‘action’ after tuition, skipping alcohol for something much more stimulating.

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