She’s Your Girlfriend

‘Hey hey hey.. Shaun, I think she’s damn drunk. Do you want me to move her to the front?’

‘Hell no! She’s going to cause an accident if she does anything stupid in front. Just let her do anything she wants luh. I won’t mind.’

‘What. I’m not going to do that.’

‘Then don’t do anything! Let her.’

‘Fuck you la.. ‘

The stressed me was trying to sit as far as I could away from his drunk girlfriend, who imagined me to be him when she tried to reach for my groin. I couldn’t care if she imagined wrong or if I was the one she wanted, it was even more wrong to be doing this in his presence.

When she started stripping her romper off in the backseat, I couldn’t do anything else except look away, until she grabbed my hand to place it on her soft boobs. Her fingers kept squeezing mine over her cups and wasn’t afraid to moan, leaving me helpless except to ‘help’ her out.

His Malay-Chinese girlfriend then collapsed on the seat and crawled to my legs, where she clumsily got my belt and pants undone.


‘Shhh.. ‘

I gasped too loud when her mouth went down my shaft, sucking it sloppily as I tried to get a grip on something. The absence of gag-reflex really threw me into a constant state of high, with those long, deep strokes of her lips down my cock.

‘Do you wanna fuck me?’

‘Oh no. That is where you say no to her.’



’cause her MOUTH, is better than sex.’

I saw him wink at me before my vision went blur again, to the noisy slurps she made while trying to tempt me further. I sat there like a king throughout the whole ride to my place, and he, Shaun, even whipped out his phone to capture it all on tape.

Seriously, she was the most hardworking girl I have ever seen in my life, moving so fast and slow according to my responses, and at times, even ignoring them and got me begging for mercy. Her lips sealed perfectly around the girth, squeezing them slightly on her two-way strokes. That agile tongue of hers would tease the tip till I was almost unconscious, before sliding it down to ‘relief’ the agony.

‘Hold her head and guide her. I’m running out of memory here.’


‘Or you want me to do it for you?’

I grabbed her hair and forced her to go faster, burying her face in my shaved crotch for all her worth. She let her throat did the rest of the work massaging the tip while her tongue tickled under my shaft. We ended up finishing in that depth when I finally stopped lifting her head up, and letting my cum flow into wherever they were going.

When she picked her head up to look at me, she was about to launch herself at me if not for the sudden collapse on my chest. Shaun and I got her into the front passenger seat so I could wear my pants back, and we went out of his car for a smoke.

We never mentioned anything about what happened but didn’t stop reminiscing the night at the bar. After we were done, I went home and received the video of my little ‘cheating act’ on WhatsApp. A second video came in the early hours when he filmed her going all apologetic when she saw the video. Right after that, it was all about him telling me how desperate she was sexually to make up for her ‘mistake’.

Gosh, To think only we knew what happened that night in his car.

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