Foreign Delicacies

‘This dim sum is so so good! Thanks for recommending it!’

The two Caucasian teens and I ate to our fill after they asked me to introduce them some good Asian dishes, ending up with a tableful of food that I had to help finish after my meatball soup. They were both eighteen and were on a backpacking trip together. Staying in a hotel nearby, they found this hawker centre on a tourist map and joined my table after they couldn’t find a seat for themselves.

‘Are we still having desserts?’

‘Hell yes!’

Their enthusiasm was hard to turn down and I brought them to a well-known dessert store outside Chinatown Complex. It was me doing most of the talking during the thirty minutes we spent over flavoured shaved ice, telling them about some must-visit sites in my little red dot. Since I was out that day without any plans, I tagged along for their shopping on the sundry level back in the complex, enjoying the youthful glee and laughters from the young ladies.

‘Are you going to help us carry the shopping bags to our room?’

‘Why stop being a gentleman here?’

They locked arms and walked ahead of me back to Bliss Hotel where they were putting up. Shannon, went straight into the bathroom after we entered, and Mira, the tan-ner looking one with a similarly slim figure asked me to sit with her on the bed. Caught up with my own fantasies about a possible staycation in that hotel, I didn’t notice that she had stripped her baby pink tank top off until she got up from the bed.

In front of the dressing table lined with their shopping bags, she handed me her phone in camera mode while throwing on a dress over her bra and denim shorts body. I knew what to do and snapped two photos, one front and back for whatever she was going to do with them.

‘Keep snapping.’

I held the camera up again and kept shooting, embarrassed about my growing erection as she did a striptease for ‘me’ till she was only in her black bra and panties.

‘Could you switch to video?’

‘Yeah. Done.’



She walked up to me in that lingerie set and straddled over my lap, causing me to fall backwards, in an attempt to maintain the ‘frame’ that would capture some of the background. Suddenly, Mira stepped out of the toilet with just a towel around her chest, and jumped on her friend who was about to explain what was happening.

‘How could you do this to our guest?’


‘He shouldn’t be holding the camera for you!’

The phone was snatched from my hands and Shannon began to yank my shirt off, leaving me shocked at all that was happening. Mira joined in to help her pull my jeans off, until I was left in just my underwear.

‘Bring the camera closer you idiot!’

The close up shot focused on my clueless but semi-erected dick, receiving the descend of an eager mouth over the growing length of my shaft. My legs twitched uncontrollably when her lips moved up and down faster, driving moans out of me despite my attempts to appear ‘calm’. That skilful tongue of hers (Shannon) kept my toes straightened, almost throwing her off when I groaned to a gentle bite at my base.

‘He’s so cute!’

Mira immediately set the phone down on the bedside desk and joined in the fun, lifting her towel above her hips while sitting over my face. Grinding her pussy on my mouth, I could only lick the bejesus out of her, and savour the exotic juices leaking onto my lips.

‘Fuck ohh! He is really good at this.. ‘

‘Let me try!’

The girls swapped places and a fight started out once my vision went dark again, feeling those bodies squirm to playful comments about each other’s boobs. My dick was on its ‘second’ candidate giving him a sloppy handjob with some unknown lubricant. When I could finally breathe normally, they were making out as they slouched to my groin, lying their pussies within my reach.

Seeing those girls go down on me so lovingly, my fingers went into them and did their jobs, making them moan and gasp in a truly blissful mood.

‘are we going to.. him?’


I called out to them after I missed an important word from their whispers, only to have Mira coming over to cover my eyes with her hand. They took a stocking from their luggages and blindfolded me, unaware that I could see through the sheer black material.

I was then brought to my knees on the bed before they laid down in front. Taking one of my hands each, they placed them on their knees and let me roam up their legs, till I felt their pussies at my fingertips.

‘You are going to identify us with your Asian cock.’

Going over to Shannon first, the fair skinned girl was my first choice if I had to choose, bearing a rounder face that had mixed-blood features. My penis was guided inside her raw and I was sent to another realm when I pierced all of my cock into her. Mira turned to her and went on to rub her clit while I fucked her raw, pounding that tight pussy with its opening clamping my shaft to numbness.

The unbelievably narrow entrance did its job to lower the sensitive, trapping blood in my little head till it could no longer feel anything more than a repetitive motion. The unmistakable shy voice was just broadcasting her pleasure out loud, until her teeth shut themselves to the forceful orgasm escaping her nether region.

Having delivered her share of fun, I waded to Mira and rested my arms by her head, before Shannon guided my cock into her friend’s vagina. A less-tight hole instantly changed my mood to a restless one, massaged by a softer, fleshy tube that could well be described as deadly. I was really on my toes this time as her pussy was much wetter, making my strokes slide in and out of her so easily. I could never live with myself if she returned home with a ‘present’ her parents had wished she knew better than to get one.

‘Mira! I can’t do this anymore!’

I stopped moving after that phrase and Shannon bolted out of bed before me. Her weight fall onto me from behind as I was about to pull out, penetrating my anxious dick right back into her friend again. The crazy woman behind me wriggled her hips to let me ‘imitate’ her thrusts, replicating her waving motion in great reluctance.


My arms gave up and we fell on top of Mira who was half trying to push me away and wanting me to cum inside her, sandwiched between the two travellers, whom one of them was the new host to my white soldiers. The silence between the two friends didn’t last very long once we rolled onto the bed, and Mira jumped onto Shannon’s face with her cream-filled pussy.

I could sense a little anger from Mira as she forced her friend to eat her out, dumping whatever cum she could force out of herself into the mouth under her. As her crazy friend began to eat her out again, the hatred disappeared and she went down on her in 69, for a little more than five minutes.

After the pussy-eat-out fight was over, they laid on each of my side to use me as their bolster, before all three of us fell asleep. We went to a clinic to get a morning-after for Mira, before settling at the McDonald’s under Chinatown Point for Samurai burgers.

Shannon did not say a word when Mira demanded that she doesn’t interrupt ‘us’ for the rest of the night, using me as a remedy for their broken friendship. As far as I was concerned, I couldn’t say no after knowing how I was both the cause and solution for Shannon.

Once we were back in the room, Mira and I stripped naked in front of Shannon’s phone, recording our quick shower with a brief blowjob to get me up and ready. For an hour of foreplay, my mouth and fingers worked overtime on the honed up girl, who asked Shannon to ‘lend me a hand’ whenever I got soft.

When we started fucking like sex-starved teenagers, I had to control my pace so I wouldn’t cum before she allowed me to. The pace was slow and controlled whenever I could help it, and crazily fast after each pause I took. For thirty minutes, the desperate desire to cum was building up like a time bomb within me, though she was happily having her orgasms when I rubbed on her clit for an extra boost.

‘Finish it inside me alright? We have the morning-after to take care of that.’

The unlocking of the beast let loose my hips that forced deep strokes into her pussy, shocking the both of them as I hammered her in missionary till her ass inner thighs were bruised. I couldn’t stop myself in that rampage and went all the way till I came in her again, filling her to point of overflow.

Mira blacked out shortly after her last orgasm drove her to exhaustion, leaving Shannon to help me down on the bed while cum was still dribbling from the tip. She spent a huge part of the night cleaning and relieving my abused cock with her hand and mouth, when she told me halfway through that my penis was actually sizeable compared to the cocks she had.

Finally cumming a third time for her, we fell asleep till my phone woke us all up at 9am. Giving me a two-person-blowjob to start my engine up, the girls accompanied me to work before they went for their second day of sightseeing.

Well, it was the devil that made me promise them that I’d be back in their room once my shift was over. And they even got me clothes – to wear for the next day.

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