A Sick or Too?

The overwhelming sense of helpfulness was pretty much unneeded when a girl in a white muscle tank came up to me at the void deck I was doing some work on, asking me for a cigarette instead of other less ‘harmful’ requests. I had no reason to turn her down, especially with that red bra showing through the wide gaps, nor was I expecting her to repay my favour with sex.

After giving her what she wanted, she tied her dog to a table next to us before conveniently sitting down next to me, peering into my screen at what I was doing.

‘Can you be my listening ear?’


That was the most superficial and ‘fake’ answer I could give after blacking out my screen, lying back on my seat while taking long drags from my stick. That insensitive girl was unique in the sense that she couldn’t see what was wrong with her request, and easily went on to talk about why she was walking her dog at such ungodly hour.

Apparently, her sister bringing a guy home to sleep in the same room (as her) was not something I could help her with. I wasn’t just going to bring a stranger (or two, including her dog) home out of pity. When she started crying at the part where her younger sister would verbally abuse her, I packed my belongings to get out of that embarrassing situation in case anyone walked by.

‘Can you stay with me for a while more? Let’s go to the playground?’

Ironically, THE playground was in the direction of my home, and she was less than shy to drag me up to the entrance of a slide when we walked past it. In that tiny space, I still had my tote bag across my shoulder when she threw herself at me, casually using my shirt to wipe her tears away.

‘How old are you?’


Right. It must have been tough on her family to have such a girl that clueless amongst them. Since I wasn’t going to fight my way out of her tight embrace any time soon, I put my bag down and held her for a good five minutes. I wasn’t sure what it did for her, but I felt a little relieved when she cleared her nose while her head was still against my chest.

‘Thank you.’

‘And you’re welcome.’

We remained in that position until she tucked her hands into her chest, feel her bra come loose under my hand which was on her back.

‘Am I really that detestable?’

Oh you wouldn’t want to know. I am already feeling that in the fifteen minutes we spent together.

‘Why would you ask that?’

I wouldn’t be able to be that honest without finding out if her question was a rhetorical one or genuinely wanted to hear an answer.

‘I have given everyone, everyone what they asked for and all of them just got more angry when I did what they wanted. I don’t understand why my ex dumped me after he asked me to suck his friend’s dick. Can you tell me why?’

I was dumbfounded after the example she gave, and felt a little shame ending my hurry to get home. It wasn’t hard to imagine someone like her existed, but for anyone take advantage of such innocence, it was just unforgiveable. ‘Retarded (in the mentally handicap sense)’ was an overstatement given how well she could start a conversation, but seemingly suitable in the backstory she told.

Her hands started to massage her breasts despite being in the presence of a stranger, and was still looking clueless when I showed her a ‘are you serious?’ face.

‘What are you doing?’

‘I always feel better when I do this. My ex showed me how it helped.’

What. The. Fuck. She was so natural when she placed her hand on my groin, getting one squeeze at it before I could fling her hand away. What was she up to this time?

‘I can’t even make you happy huh?’

‘You don’t have to make me happy. You should be making yourself happy. Not anyone else.’

‘I am. But I want to make you happy too.’

Did that reply even made any sense? Her face was glowing with sex after the minute of self-boob-massage, along with moans after she stuck one hand over her grey yoga shorts to masturbate herself. I could see the horizontal scratches on her thighs when she opened her legs wider, all the way up to her shorts I couldn’t see beyond.

‘What are you looking at?’

‘The cuts on your legs.’

‘Oh! I accidentally cut myself when I was shaving. He said girls should be smooth everywhere.’

Fuck. Can someone ever feel so ‘poor thing’ to me? Was ‘hurt’ the only thing the world could do to her? If anyone deserved to be cut, there wouldn’t be anyone else more suitable than her ex. She was just a poor, innocent girl who was always one step behind everyone else.

The girl was smiling silly when she wriggled her naked ass out of her shorts, illuminating the groin to my horror as she checked how wet she was under the dim street lamps. More scars were scattered around the exterior of her vagina, as if she had inflicted those wounds out of depression. Would I be surprised if that was what she did to herself? Probably not.

‘I got these when he tried shaving for me.’

There was no one to blame when the relationship, that I suspected had no ‘love’ in it, snapped. She was a willing victim, and he was a more-than-happy-to-prey, predator. I wasn’t thinking straight when she brought my fingers to feel the healed injuries, until she used my hand to rub on her clit.

‘Ahhh.. this feels so much better.. ‘

Both her hands were working on her bare breasts while my fingers circled on her clit, momentarily delivering her from the cruelty she had suffered through. I let her unzip my berms and didn’t stop her from giving me a handjob, even groaning as it happened to see her smile even wider. I couldn’t help but wonder if I was really helping or adding on to her infinitely depressing history.

‘Don’t you just like it when two person can make each other happy?’

So, that was the ‘happiness’ she knew.. As an orgasm surfaced to shiver her scar-covered lower half, my arm was clamped in its place between her legs, desensitising her bad memories with small, fingertip flicks over her clit.

‘Do you want to put it inside me?’

Wow. If she had never been told ‘no’ before, I wasn’t going let my first time hearing this question, slip by.


She tied the hanging part of her tank top at her belly and sat over my folded legs, with my dick still hanging out of my pants. She managed to ‘slide’ me inside when she fidgeted her way up my lap to sit closer (face to face), though not moving one bit in that comforting position.

‘Are you my boyfriend now?’

Her pussy was already twitching on its own before I answered. Our hips began rocking towards each other with that question still hanging, and her soft moans promptly forgot about it. The urge to cum came much later, since my mind was thinking about what she thought of me.

‘I’m.. I’m going to climax again!’

She basically fucked herself to the next orgasm with two minutes, staining my pants with a gush of liquid that cause her to pant heavily while releasing them. I quickly turned us over to put her on the solid metal floor, and went on to pound the juices out of her oyster.

Trusting that solid, hard cock deep and fast at her tightening hole, my mind already had its answer. Which guy in the world wouldn’t want a girl that gullible as her? Despite being smart enough to get a degree, she was lacking in where guys would be troubled over. Bluntly put it, it was my ‘blessing in raging hormones’. I used every last bit of strength I had to grant her one more orgasm, before I threw myself back at the strike of my own climax.


I watched her flung herself forward onto her hands, slamming that sexy butt of hers on my immobilised body. She kept going till I slapped my hands on her waist, about to push her away at the last second.

The crazy girl turned herself over on her knees and let me blew my load into her mouth. She took everything in, sucking desperately for every drop’s worth out of my body. I was barely fazed when swallowed my load before my eyes, puzzling me somehow with that cheerful, bright smile after what just went down her throat.

We got dressed after a bit of cuddling and made our way to her place, at her request so her parents wouldn’t scold her if they were still awake. After she let her dog enter the dark living room, she stepped out again to give me a kiss.

‘I just hope my sister’s boyfriend don’t do anything to me in the middle of the night again.’

‘What did he do?’

‘He would touch me till I’m horny and then ask me to help him out. I think when my sister didn’t pleasure him enough.’

What the hell did I expect? I wasn’t even that surprised when that plot twist came. Upon hearing that, I dragged her away from the hellish place without any explanation. We hopped into a cab and spent the night in a hotel, where she sleep soundly, possibly for the first time ever, in my arms till daybreak.

Nothing else happened that day, at least not without her parents knowing where she went for the whole night. Ever since she introduced me to her family, she was allowed to spend nights at my place, especially on days her sister’s boyfriend would sleep over.

That scum-of-all-mankind was finally kicked out of their place after I told them, including her sister, about what happened. It was my job to fix the first of many problems their beloved elder daughter didn’t know how to.

I honestly doubt she saw any ‘wrong’ in all that was happening, or happened in her life no matter how hard I tried to show her things in a normal person’s view. Perhaps, just perhaps, she was one of the few that were brought to this world for someone worthy to take care of for life.

And I was getting some good obedience in return.

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