‘Hi. I am looking for James.’

‘等等… JAMES!’
Translation: Wait a moment.. JAMES!

A guy in a blue shirt came running out in a worried look until he saw that nothing grave was happening, smacking that receptionist on her butt with a warning not to scare him like that again.

‘This is a well known blogger and he will be doing a review for our grooming service. Right?’

‘Yeah. I guess so.. ‘

The owner of a massage parlour brought me into one of many rooms, making me sit on the bed while he went to ‘fetch the goods’. Within three minutes, girls lined themselves up against the wall before he appeared behind the last one, sitting on the bed to wrap his arm around my neck.

‘Choose one you like best. What type of girls you like?’

‘Which girl joined you the latest?’

‘Wah. Smart choice.’

‘Xiao Li!’

The petite lady in their white ‘lab coat’ uniform took a step forward and the rest of them left the room in disappointment.

Translation: Hello!

James interrupted her jovial greeting when he whispered into her ears, making her smile at me while handing her a piece of fifty dollar note. In nothing less than a happy mood, she locked the door after he left and ran up to me.

Translation: Let’s begin!

A purple see-through nightie hung loosely over her shoulders after she took her coat off, something that I had expected being in such shady places. She helped me take my clothes off before we went into the ‘pop-up’ shower cubicle, a plastic-ky little corner that had a shower head, drainage hole, and shower curtains.

I was given the luxury of not doing anything while she lathered me up, paying a little too much attention to my dick that was taking the whole ‘review’ too seriously.

Translation: Is he not awake yet?

Translation: He will be up in a bit.

She managed to get me rock hard at the end of the shower, and we went to bed to begin the ‘massage’ officially. For a girl her weight, she had to use all of her strength to accommodate my preference for a harder knead. At the end of the head massage, the girl was breathing harder after a full thirty minutes of ‘workout’.

I was on my back when the pro-claimed Thai massage was over, giving her an easy angle to caress my dick with what’s left of the massage oil on her hand. Her skill was much to be impressed with when she got me groaning to her slow, squeezing fingers, surprising me with the potential of the girls James might have working here.

My eyes never left her innocent, observing eyes as she went down on my cock, sucking with a desire to please rather than impatience. I eased the tension of the room by talking about my work, avoiding any questions that she might have to stop blowing to answer.

Of all the questions I asked (that she could use her fingers to show me), there was one that made me felt extra special.

Translation: How many men have you serviced here?


So, I WAS number five, or the sixth at worst. My mind was readily receiving and compartmentalising whatever I was experiencing, especially on the service that beauty was doing before my eyes. Xiao Li stopped sucking after ten minutes and showed a pouted lips on the tired face.

Translation: Do you want me to ride you?

Xiao Li stripped naked to assume her position in my silence but I swiftly stopped her before she could tear the condom wrapper open. Shocked at my unintentional message to ‘do it without’, she remain seated on belly while holding the condom tighter in fear,

A new, confused look came when I handed her her dress, as if I was discontented with her service, but I wasn’t really in the mind to ‘test’ her that far.

Translation: I don’t actually want to ‘that’ with you.

Translation: Really? Let me suck you off then.

I laid back as she resumed the blowjob I was so mesmerised with, ripping apart the condom wrapper and unrolled it. The strokes up and down my shaft got a little more enthusiastic since she did not have to fuck me, quickly delivering me from my stressful day job with that cutesy pink lips of hers.

After five more minutes, I tapped on her head to let her know I was cumming. Unaware that I had other plans for her, she kept going till I had to lift her face up. I placed the opening of the condom over the tip and asked her to jerk me off till I came, which I did after she added more saliva to my drenched cock.

The smile on her face was priceless when she understood what I just did, giving extra care when we took another shower.

Translation: Aren’t you quite thoughtful towards ladies?

In the end, I got another handjob in the tiny cubicle and let her dry me before I put on my clothes. James was called to the room via the intercom and the three of us conversed in Mandarin about what I was going to write for him.

The summary I gave him was more than satisfactory and the girl got another twenty dollars to accompany me as I wrote my ‘review’ at the ladies’ resting room. At 1am when the girls got off from work, Xiao Li actually asked me out for supper at a coffee shop near her rented home.

Only then did I learnt that she only offered those services on her non-schooling days, and would go home if she needed to. As her place only housed students from China who worked in similar jobs in their free time, none of them said anything when she brought me home for another two rounds of crazy mind-blowing sex – without a condom.

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