Parental Guidance

‘daddy.. ‘

I slammed my laptop screen down at lightning speed upon feeling her tap on my shoulder, shocked at her appearance in the darkened bedroom where her mum and I was supposed to be asleep. My headphones had done its job of blocking out any sounds, while immersing me in the kinky sex tape we just made earlier – until Mabel, my daughter, interrupted.

‘let’s go out. Mummy’s asleep.’

I went into her room still with a hard on, thankful that the lights were out throughout the whole house. Mabel sat me down on her bed and brought her laptop to me, so I could help with her Photoshop homework.

‘There. Done. I have recorded the steps down here, so you just need to click on this button to do the same thing all over again.’

‘Thanks dad! You’re the best!’

I stayed with her for another few minutes to make sure she knew how to use the ‘Actions’ feature, before I fiddled with my phone.

‘Daddy, do you always make those videos with mum?’

‘Haha. Yes. We do that sometimes. She will watch it whenever I am overseas.’

The memories from all the clips we have made together got my boner up again, though safely hidden in the dark.

‘Finally! Done with my work.’

Mabel collapsed onto her bed and yanked my shoulders down to lie with her, on the small single that I watched her grow into. She turned over to me and laid on my chest, hugging me in a comforting manner till I felt her hand roamed too low.

‘Wei wei.. ‘


She gave my bulge a squeeze and held on to my boxers when I fought my way out of her bed. She kept tugging my briefs till I heard a tear, and went to wrestle her tight grip open. The fast acting girl grabbed my erection that I had accidentally exposed, giving me no choice when she caught hold of my vital organ.

‘Mabel. Let go.’

She shook her head like when she was younger at me, pouting lips adding on to the cutesy look I couldn’t reject.


Hell there was no way I would let her do that. Whatever we had done up to then was wrong and that was as much I could pretend that it never happened. Her body jerked forth all of a sudden and my dick was caught between her teeth, making me the ‘victim’ without a way out.

‘Don’t go yet daddy.. ‘

She took another bite at my sensitive cock head to make me return to her bed on my knees, afraid to try anything until she let go. Expecting her to listen to me, she went down on that hard cock instead! Her deep, sensual lips kept stroking me till I had to sit on the bed for support, and ended up getting head from my own daughter.

Facing the door on my back, I watched in horror as the dear wife pushed her way slowly into the room. Fuck. It’s over.

‘Mabel. Keep your teeth under your lips.’

Her hand went over our girl’s head and fixed a rhythm for her, still going down on my softening erection. As that mouth slurped my vitality back into that shaft, mum sat herself down by my side. I had no idea if I should be apologising or doing anything to stop our girl from pleasuring me.

‘I don’t know how to feel now.’

‘Just enjoy what she is doing. Don’t let her feel inadequate in making her dad happy.’

A sense of relief drove all the numbness away and I was getting harder than ever to the blowjob slowing down.

‘Mummy.. ‘

‘Daddy didn’t know, that when mummy was young, she was slapped by her ex-boyfriends cause no one taught her how to treat a man right. Out of anger, my first boyfriend raped me at the staircase where I gave him my first blowjob.

He had a few girls before me but he did not treat me like his girlfriend when he took my virginity. On that same night, he claimed both holes within ten minutes.’

My heart was sinking so deep I couldn’t stay hard anymore. She just went back into our room to bring a condom for little Mabel, and taught her how to cap me on after giving me a quick handjob. This kind of ‘family bonding’, was never imagined to be possible even in my wildest fantasy.

She made her squat beside the bed after we went into missionary, having the lights turned on and room brightly lit.

‘Watch how mummy help daddy put it inside.’

Fingers from both her hands spread her vagina wider, and I let her guide my dick into the concealed opening. She held onto Mabel’s wrist after I started thrusting, and going faster till her whole body was jerking violently.

‘You can play with your nipples if it is still hurting.’

She pinched and twisted her own tits in the observing eyes of her girl, and we continued fucking for the next two minutes.

‘I get it now mummy.’

‘Ok. You can stop now.’

The urge to ravish my wife wasn’t present the whole time. In fact, I was in the ‘teaching’ mood that kept my strokes controlled. The both of us got out of her warm bed and I was told not to remove the condom.

‘Lie on your back and spread your legs.’

Hearing that from my wife, her mother, came as a huge shock to me. The least worrying thought would be for her to be shown how to masturbate, and the worst possibility would be for me to take our girl’s virginity.

‘Come in front of your daughter.’

Right, my daughter.

‘If I have to choose who she will lose her virginity to, it will be someone I know who can take it with love. Are you okay with it girl?’

‘Uh huh!’

I could only sigh quietly when I was adjusted on my knees before the shaved pussy of Mabel. She did exactly what her mum showed her and led me in to the tightest hole I couldn’t find the words for.

‘Mummy.. I’m going to orgas!’

Just three seconds after I pushed my whole shaft in, the little girl was shivering under my body that was resting on my elbows at her shoulders. The hug from her calmed me down in a very loving manner, before mum ran her hands across my back.

‘I’m going to leave you two to figure things out now. Come into the room with a new condom.’

And she left the room after leaving a new rubber at the corner of her study table. Mabel was showing a face full of excitement and eagerness when I started thrusting into her overbearing pussy, making dirty squishing noises as she got wetter to my growing size.

The soft walls of her vagina caressed my hard cock in a contrasting pressure unlike her mum, whose body had long figured out my subtle physical changes. The moans from the small girl under me was so sexy that I couldn’t slow down no matter how much she pleaded.

‘Daddy! Arghh!’

She came again with shiver much harder than her first, and quickly blacked out from the intensity of it. I gave her a kiss on her forehead and pulled out without any resistance from her legs, and tucked her under the blanket.

Back to the room where mummy was waiting, she spotted the unfilled condom still stretched tightly over my cock. We decided to save a condom that night and slid the used, daughter-juice lubricated one into her in the missionary style she easily started with.

The slippery walls that gripped me so gently, drove me crazy with little effort She was coping the hardest fuck I ever gave with louder moans, broadcasting our sex throughout the whole house in the dark. We barely had a go in doggystyle before her pussy sucked me back with a gravity-defying suction.

‘Fuck fuck fuck! I’m cumming!’

She snarled at me in a agonising tone, at the same time squeezing me with all her strength so we could cum together. One more minute of her gorgeous, jerking body, and womanly groans were all I could take before I unloaded all my savings into that disposable cum-pouch.

The two tired bodies then fell flat onto the bed motionless till I took the used condom off and went to sleep in a better position. When her mouth went down on my sneaky morning wood again, it was my ‘alarm’ to send our daughter to school.

On the drive to Mabel’s university, she was masturbating herself under the stripped dress shirt she went commando under, but didn’t allow herself to climax until I stopped the car. With my ‘help’, she came all over her panties that she was wearing for the whole day.

Let’s just say it was a whole new experience to be sexting your own daughter, in a conversation filled with photos and a video she took while she fingered herself in the toilet.

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