The Familiar Face

‘Oh my god! I’m so sorry. Why didn’t you tell me you are closing?’

‘Cause you actually keep me motivated!’

‘What nonsense. I’ll leave after packing up. Have a good night.’

The hot Chinese mum, that came into the cafe two days ago with her son, returned alone to do some work on her laptop. Only when I started turning off the air-conditioning units did she realise it was past the closing hour, and hurried out of the store after the apology.

After I made sure all the necessary electrical equipments were turned off, I locked the door from outside and saw her standing beside a pillar, waving at me while she yakked away on the phone.

‘yes, just give him the milk and he will sleep after drinking it. I’ll check in on him when I’m home. Don’t wait up for me k?’

She smooched into the phone and dropped the line, tucking her mobile into the expensive-looking YSL bag.

‘Going home now?’

‘Yeah. Where are you heading?’

‘I was thinking if you want to get a drink together? No one had flirted with me in a long time and you just had to be that smooth.’

‘Really? I was just being honest! Let’s check out the street behind, there’s a few nice bars there.’

We settled at one of the five bars there and spoke as if we were long lost friend. Our difference in age and maturity got her leading the whole conversation, talking (or rather, ranting) to me about marriage and having children. It wasn’t difficult to tell that she was drunk when her tone changed to a flirt-ier one, hand touching my thigh a little too long in between sips.

‘What’s this?’

‘My lighter?’

‘Oh! Spare me a stick?’

To see a mother of one light that cigarette in a black dress was something I had never experienced, let alone feeling her up close after she changed her seat to the empty one beside me. We were somehow grateful for the lack of seats IN the bar, and were placed at the alfresco area instead.

After she picked the tab despite my reluctance, we walked a distance and stopped midway for a hug. Her perfume whiffed up my nose as we exchanged a long hug, almost wanting a little too much no matter her marital status.

‘do you want to spend a few more hours together?’


She let go off me and tilted her head at where we were standing in front of – Hotel 81. My hands turned cold immediately at that tempting offer, unable to give her any clear signs in that confusion. The slightly shorter lady slipped her hand under my arm and bravely brought me to the front desk.


She said the words I could not come up with and stuck her hand into my back pocket for my wallet. As the payment was processed under my card, I took the time to see if she was worried or anything. As expected, she smiled at me confidently with that blush while holding my arm tighter. Once we got the card key, we went up to the room and did what we shouldn’t.

The gorgeous mum stripped down sensually to her set of black lingerie, lined with laces at its hems. The surprise came when she came over to take my shirt off, followed by my jeans after she helped me up. Both of us in just our underwear, it was only natural to take off whatever left for each other, until we stood motionless within an arm’s length to admire the body before us.

The beautiful appreciation in silence became awkward when my erection decided to check her out, and triggered a tantalising lip-bite from her.


I broke the tranquil moment before I lost control and we went for a shower that wrinkled my fingers with another reason aside from the duration we spent under running water. As soon as we stepped into the glass door (inside the bathroom), she placed me against a wall, pumped a bit of soap and grabbed my loin hard. I quickly took the shower head and went on to adjust the temperature, while groaning to the slick, soapy handjob.

Once we had warm water running down our bodies, I took some soap in my hand too and thoroughly ‘cleaned’ her down there. It was all hell when we got into a little competition to throw each other’s tempo off, except that we were both winners. The rest of our bodies took more determination to scrub, till we were overly high when it was time to dry ourselves.

As per ‘routine’, none of us could focus on drying ourselves with the alluring sight of a cold bed before us. Our towels were dumped in a corner once we decided to ‘fuck it’, and suffer whatever cold we might get the next day.

Lying on top of her, she was still working on my cock to keep me hard, while I took my time sucking on those well-maintained perkies. The out-of-the-world moans could only come from a woman that experienced as her, having delivered a child that did nothing to lower her libido.

‘Let me suck you for a while. I haven’t had a young cock since forever.’

She flipped me dangerously close to the edge on my back and pounced on my dick, taking it so easily into her mouth with the moisture from our bath mixed into the sex of my pre-cum. My muscles were tensed throughout her blowjob, that mostly included her gag-less deep throat she was too happy to perform on me. Halfway through, she stopped and I was allowed on top of her again.

‘You are at your peak hardness now.. ‘

‘How can you tell?’

‘My mouth can.’

Her wink sent a twitch down my cock that she didn’t notice, and we began ‘docking’ process shortly after a quick make out. Without any rubber between us, my dick was showed the full prowess of her experienced vagina, engulfed in heat, yet strangely calming on its way in. To both of us, we were ‘hotter’ than the other, but it didn’t matter, since we had sex.

Before long, I was taking her in swift strokes, following her audio guide closely to give her the first orgasm that her waist ‘waved’ so sexily to. The pace she set for me worked really well when I passed the ten minutes mark, having pounded her pussy to a swell.

At her request, we switched to cowgirl with her riding my cock, back perched upright against the headboard.

‘Dear.. I’m sorry.. ‘


‘I just couldn’t resist.. ‘

She closed her eyes and tucked her lips behind her mouth, fucking me in guilt. The thought of her husband had caused her to grind me even harder, pleasing the imaginary man she should only be having sex with. Her body froze two inches above my rock hard cock, shivering harder and harder slowly to orgasm.

I bent my knees and started ramming my opportunistic rod into that juicy wet hole, splashing those liquor all over our groins. Her grip on my shoulders began to hurt as she lost control of herself, rocking against my slamming cock unconsciously.

‘Going to cum soon!’

She slid down my lap to bring me to the edge of the bed, and kneeled between my legs in an unnerving, quiet, sense of deep thoughts.

‘Hey hey, we don’t have to continue if you don’t want to.’

‘It’s fine. I just.. ‘

Her eyes trailed along my shaft before she took it in her mouth, sucking from a slow to fast speed within a minute. I was treated to the view of her vigorous, thrusting hand that went between her legs, while getting pleasured orally. Her tongue went all over the place, but that was what made it felt so good.

‘Arghh! Now!’

She shoved her face even harder down my cock and drove me back down on the bed, screaming crazily for her to stop. My body was squeezing everything out at her, as she forced every bit I had through the narrow pee hole. That short ejaculation drained more energy than I had, all going into her mouth that wasn’t as wild earlier.

I followed what she did and got dressed, sitting back down on the bed with an hour left.

‘Can I have your number? So I can text you when I want it?’

‘Sure. But be very sure, or you can tell me that I shouldn’t do it even if you insist.’

‘It’s more complicated than that. *pause* You see, I do miss having young men all over me again. And what we just did, it made me want more. I am not going to stop myself from being happy anymore, but I don’t want to be doing it with guys like in the past. I rather it be you to control me that way, instead of me.. ‘

‘I understand.’

I stepped in front of her and pulled her in for a tight hug, until her fingers started to caress my back in a sensual way.


‘Let me suck you off again.’

She let me lean against the dresser while she sat on a cushioned stool, sucking me off once more in a happier mood. We went for a shower after that and went our separate ways, with a WhatsApp chat that extended into sexting, texting, and random photo updates.

A married woman huh?

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