#35 MIAA-031/ HND-643

Every now and then, I will present some interesting, eye-catching, jaw-dropping JAV clips to aid the compulsory release of one’s sexual tension. After years of ‘research’, while we prefer our porn to be ‘raw’ and ‘uncensored’, the most captivating of them might just be hidden behind the occasional mosaic. 


For the few of us who is familiar with the name Shiina Sora, you’d be pleasantly surprised to see her in a more ‘comedic’ perspective, especially along a storyline that says ‘shooting 10 times in a row’ (though we will never know if they filmed it over a few days). That said, it is still an interesting and somewhat funny concept to go at it for that long, let alone ejaculating 10 times back to back. Even if the male actor suffered from P.E., you think he can still manage it?

Rating: An eye-opener and a slightly lighter take on the usual JAV plot holes.


In yet another, non-stop action film, it’s (another) 60 minutes of ‘pure joy’ where you get sucked and fucked and jerked by the female lead, Mitani Akari, until you are not even sure if you want it anymore. Nothing out of the ordinary, except the people in it seemed a little too tireless. I wonder how I can one day have that kind of energy for work.

Rating: Cringy only because.. the actress wants a little too much. And the whole ‘non-stop sex’ fantasy might turn into a life-and-death situation – to my sex life. Not forgetting that I might also not survive that.

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Are you able to provide one title so I may search for some of their series?

Oh shucks! It seems like I missed your comment! Are you able to provide a sample video code so I can search for their production company?

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