Silent Sex

Opening the cookbook with a piece of paper sticking out of its pages, the girl opposite me went back to her books, taking notes as she browsed through the pages. I have been sitting across her for the past hour, deeply engrossed in the poems of William Blake until she slid THAT ‘Guide to Baking’ to me.


I picked up my phone and caught her watching me in her peripheral vision, until I set it back down on the desk. I too, was stealing glances at the white dressed girl as she took her phone out and replied to a message.

9631**** (WhatsApp): ‘Cookie. Shall we get coffee now?’

We started packing our bags after I peeped at my phone, and went our separate ways to check our books out. With one book each in our hands, I followed closely behind her to the coffee shop under Bras Basah, and got a Styrofoam takeaway cup from ‘Cookie’, the name she gave in her text.

She then went up the escalators without saying anything until exited the lift at the topmost floor of the attached residential block. For once, I found myself dying to hear the voice of the mysterious girl who gave me her number, the first time ever in my life.

I waited outside an apartment to see her carry two foldable wooden chairs out, and slung them over my forearm with the two cups of coffee still in hand. I continued walking behind her to the stairs leading to the rooftop, where she unlocked the heavy lock with a key. The sight of the evening sky at a place restricted to many, was nothing less than breathtaking after so many years of my life in this tiny island.

We made ourselves comfortable at a spot some distance from the edge, and sipped our coffee with phones in hand.

Cookie (WhatsApp): ‘It’s nice isn’t it?’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘Indeed.’

The only building taller than us was the National Library, which top floors were empty after 6pm. We spent the next thirty minutes with our heads in the books, straining our eyes harder as the sky got darker. The quiet moment came when she shut her book loudly, and stood up to finish her coffee.

At that height and situation, I had no idea what to do, or react when she stripped her top off, leaving her in bra and skorts. When she started walking to the ledge, I had to follow her in case she was thinking of doing anything stupid. And then, she gave her arms a stretch and turned to me.

The next thing I knew, she had grabbed my shirt at the chest and pulled me in to kiss, smearing her soft lips over my mouth that was still in shock. My eyes closed slowly while admiring the gorgeous twenty-plus year old girl, long hair draped over her neck, sharp collarbone protruding out of her slim shoulders, and also, the whiffs of the floral fragrance that wasn’t there sometimes.

Her hands lifted my shirt above my nipples and she went to unhook her bra that was pressing lightly on me. As our bare chests touched, our arms went around each other’s backs and intensified our kisses. I could imagine vividly, how we would have looked if a camera was filming at the chairs, capturing our intimate embrace against the horizon, separating the moonlit clouds, from our mesmerising cityscape.

We were letting our inner desires do their work when she undid my jeans, and lowered my underwear enough to whip my hardening erection out. I was only allowed to remove her skorts after she slapped my hand away at her panties, giving me a quick striptease when she wriggled them down her shapely ass.

We quickly found ourselves hugging again after her brief moment of nudity, with her doing a little ‘hop’ to wrap her legs around my waist. In that position, the only place my hands could go was under her bum, to help support her weight on my neck.

The tip of my penis soon met the erotic soft opening of her pussy, that was found to be slightly damp when she let her arms slip a little to let that little head into her. In that strangely-comforting connection where two hearts beat as one, our tongues didn’t stop wrestling to get into each other’s mouth, driving our urges insane before we even moved our bodies anymore.

After taking a few seconds to savour that passionate moment, I began thrusting my cock into her by jerking only my hips, and the grip(s) around my neck and her back tightened as our senses were overtaken by sex. The petite girl made no noise throughout my high-speed rampage, leaving me to be the only one groaning and cringing in that addictive pussy I was ‘loving’.

Cookie (moaning): ‘Mmm.. Mmm!’

Her widened eyes stared into my soul as I felt her vagina squeeze me for its dear life, until her fingernails dug into my back. Dripping noises immediately came from under our feet, at the same time her head landed on my shoulder so I would stop moving inside her.

Once her feet unwrapped around my hips, I let her down and she turned herself to look at the darkening skies. I was secretly glad that it wasn’t over when her hand went behind her back and grabbed my dick, ‘parking’ it below her ass, under her wet pussy.

The restricted space between her thighs made the ‘penetration’ no different from the sex I just had, and was still well lubricated for me to thrust into. ‘Thigh gap’ now have a different use besides being the misappropriated gauge for a woman’s weight-to-curves ratio.

As I slid my cock through the slippery Y-shaped improvision, she was treated to a boob massage in front of the skyline.

‘I’m cumming soon.. ‘

The unhurried orgasm creeped its way between us, and she just brought a finger to where my little head was poking out at, to tease it with every inward stroke. Having no suggestions to an alternate unloading ‘bay’, I just kept going while moaning a countdown for her.


The first few shots sprayed into the distance in front of her, before the latter squirts dribbled down her thighs in weak attempts. Cookie was pretty coy about it without any strong response, and let me – or him, unload down to the last drop.

The both of us spent the next few minutes cleaning up with her packet of wet tissues, and made out on my chair to conclude the night. Still without a word exchanged (audibly), we left the roof and returned her chairs to the house, which I was still wondering was where she lived.

At the lift, she typed on her phone again, and showed me a message on the screen.

‘I will completely understand if you don’t want to be acquainted cause I am a mute.’

I impatiently took her phone from her and continued typing from where the sentence ended.

‘I will completely understand if you don’t want to be acquainted cause I am a mute. Except that you will be more than happy to be mine because I can tell you more things than what words can express.

Our public ‘exploration’ was made easier with only one person needing to ‘tone’ down, and she had a sharp ear for early-threat-detection. That rooftop will always be our favourite place to hang out, in the dwindling number of places to such beautiful sights.

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