Charlotte’s Birthday


‘Yes. I’m here to pick you up. They called me.’

Rachael, my sister had gone to a chalet to celebrate a friend’s eighteenth birthday, getting drunk before she even turned eighteen herself. In the white shirt I saw her left house in, in place of her legggings, a pair of exercise shorts clung tightly around her toned ass, looking that ever sexy in my eyes.

‘Umm.. J, you can take care of her for the night if you want. We have enough rooms.’

‘Alright. Thanks. I think it will take some time for me to get her sober enough.’

Her friend dimmed the lights and closed the door, leaving us in the bedroom where soft music was still playing from her phone. I sat beside her to check her temperature, and then tried to get some water into her system.

‘Kor.. sleep with me la. Let’s go home tomorrow.’

The tipsy sister then shifted away so I had to sit closer, an covered the blanket over our legs after she was done drinking from the straw. It had been a long time since I needed to take care of her like that, the last time being two years ago when she had high fever. Our parents haven’t been communicating as a family should, leaving us to fend for ourselves most of the time.

Once she stopped mumbling nonsense, she turned her body on its side in my direction and dropped a hand on my thigh, before closing her eyes on the flushed face. Since I was still massaging her temples, I was seated upright when I fell asleep unknowingly.


The whisper wasn’t taken seriously until my bulge received a squeeze, on an erection that shouldn’t have happened. Charlotte, the birthday girl, had laid on the narrow space next to me, cosying up in a sexual way a few inches away from the edge.

‘hey hey hey!’

‘shhh.. ‘

She opened the blanket where I was getting a ‘massage’ under, and showed me a sight that I almost jumped out of. She was caressing my dick WITH my sister’s hand under hers, and was using one of my calves to grind her pussy under a similar pair of shorts Rachael wore.

My pants was unzipped slowly to keep things as quiet as possible, removing enough layers from me till she came in contact with my raw dick. I couldn’t wake my sister up no matter how much I tried to fight back, and the both of them just clamped my legs tighter in between their legs.

‘she’s not going to wake up soon huh?’

I was soon gasping to their stroking hands, taken aback by their reactions to the alcohol to influence such acts. I was as hard as a rock that night for some reason, looking all red and swollen under that stretched foreskin.

Charlotte pushed my sister’s hand away to lean over for a blowjob, and I found myself guilty of enjoying that sloppy blowjob a little too much. She had drooled all over my cock and the amount of saliva made it slippery enough to get a decent speed going. It wasn’t long before I was so turned on that I began fondling Charlotte boobs, while she teased Rachael’s pair, in ‘sexcitement’.

After a few minutes of quiet oral sex, she flipped the blanket completely open and covered Rachael with the excess.

‘fuck me as my birthday present.. ‘


I missed my grip when she yanked me out of bed, quickly jumping into my warm spot with her legs opened after taking kicking her shorts off. My (sleeping) sister’s hand was placed right on her clit, and a deadly stare was all I needed to get me moving. Going on my knees under her feet, I towered over her while bringing my hips closer, until she held my cock to bring it ‘home’.

‘arghh fuck!’

‘what’s wrong?’


I jerked my hips as gracefully as I could to minimise the disturbance on the mattress, but went all out in the end after my sister began snoring halfway. Charlotte was crazy enough to use her finger to masturbate while I was pounding her so hard, as if my sister wasn’t around.

Sparking off orgasms one after another, her tiny body was shaking all over as I forced myself in and out of that impossible hole. At one point, I was so sure everyone have heard what we were doing, but none of them brave enough to check on us.

‘you are fucking tight!’

‘i know.. don’t stop now please.. ‘

Our hips were slapping at applause-level speed, just as her voice turned hoarse. I couldn’t believe that I did a girl ON her eighteenth birthday party, the age she turned legal, and best yet, right next to my own family.

‘oh gosh! another ohhhhaaannnn (one)!’

She groaned out loud as I sheathed my cock all the way inside her for a break, and also to feel how her body reacted to an orgasm. In the temporary ceasefire, my sister fidgeted in her sleep but I didn’t pay any attention to her.



Charlotte’s feet hit my back that instant to keep me from pulling out, and I saw my sister smiled sheepishly at her friend under me.

‘Why did you wake up now?!’

‘Cause you guys are so loud!’

‘Wait. What?’

‘Don’t wait kor! Keep going!’

Rachael dashed behind me and pushed my hips down, reigniting my engines for her friend. I couldn’t just stop myself again nor would I want to and unleashed everything I had at Charlotte, till her legs fell away lifelessly in an abrupt silence.

‘Charlieeee.. ‘

‘I can’t.. anymore.. ‘

A hand came from behind, aimed my dick at that near-unconscious friend and pumped that thick loin vigorously like a Super Soaker. Could you imagine how desperate but unwilling I was at that time? Just like my cum that ejected from the ‘cockpit’ a few seconds later, my mind was all over the place when my own sister touched my, her brother’s, dick. The first few shots hit her friend’s face and the rest lined their way down to her belly button.

Rachael, being the crazy sister I know, ran over to scoop my cum into her friend’s mouth, as if feeding a stroke patient! Charlotte swallowed them with her eyes closed and I was left sitting there like a really, dumbfuck. What did we, no, not Charlotte, but my sister AND I, just do? We cleaned her friend up with the complimentary towels, and I went into the shower for a quick rinse. Only when I was playfully pushed onto the untouched side of the bed under my sister’s weight, did I notice she had taken off her shorts along with her panties!

‘It’s still hard right?’

‘What? No!’

She straight up grind her pussy over that half-erected member, waking it up with another type of lust, the one where ‘own sister’ was involved. Well rested from her short nap, the enthusiastic girl kept my tired body upright against the headboard while she sat in front of me overlapping our legs. I didn’t have time to react when she poked the tip, where a teeny weeny bit of cum was oozing out of, into her pussy.

I AM so fucked if she got pregnant.

She used my tired hand for the next five minutes to rub her clit with however much drive I had left with, and she tasked herself to stroke the exposed part of my shaft that wasn’t inside her. In a very twisted manner, I had regained my strength that way while getting each other off, though she managed to get more orgasm more than me.

‘RACH! ‘

My agonising groan got a lightning fast response from her to get down on her fours and taking my exploding cock in her mouth. A few more strokes of her lips and some tongue-action later, the first wave left my body with my last few bits of vitality. The rest of it was mercilessly sucked out of my balls, marking another ‘first’ to see my sister so happy swallowing her ‘achievements’.

‘Rachael.. you little slut.. ‘

Charlotte, wakened by our noisy activity, just had to grunt her immediate thoughts of my sister in the worst-best-friend tone, as she left the bedroom for her own. After all the workout we had done in one night, it was no surprise that we slept till 8am when another one of their friends woke us up – while we were sprawled naked on the bed.

‘Rach! Charlotte is still asleep! Can you get her up? We need to check out by nine!’

Rachael and I went over to her in our last-night’s clothes, and managed to get out on time. Since she, Charlotte, was still barely awake, Rachael brought her over to our place so her parents wouldn’t see her in that state. On the way home, my heart sank a little when I hear my sister so causally said, that I had taken Charlotte’s virginity. Was it even that ‘alright’?!

After settling down ourselves in Rachael’s bedroom, we tire ourselves out all over again, with more.. yeah.. more of what you guys would do if you were me, or Rachael.

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