Sleeping Wet

She was awake, when he gently placed his hand on her naked breast, with almost no movement except for the slight depression with each breath she took. The nipple grew harder under his palm as a minute passed quietly, causing no reaction from him. His fingertips tightened around the full bosom till he got a firm grip, and then a soft squeeze came.

‘baby.. ‘


Her voice came out sleepy in that tranquil moment, where his warm hand provided a comfort she never felt – on a resting body. The baby powder on her chest made his slide down her ample mound easier, moving down her underboob, over her belly, and paused there. The coldness of his room had made a contrast at where he stopped his hand, hair standing at ends on the skin around him.

Once his mind had its fill of her, he continued his way to her bare groin, where the most beautiful curve awaited. His fingers went under her thigh to pull them carefully apart, so he could slide all but the thumb and pinky along the downward path.

A little moisture was waiting when he got to that sensitive spot, his middle finger diving first between the sides of raw flesh. His breaths, still blowing into her neck, remained calm as a fingertip bent into her clit, raising her chest with his first wriggle.

Not being the last of it, her breathing increased in speed as her legs widened for him, which he used it to vibrate even faster. More liquid seeped through her erotic, pink walls around his digit to lubricate the distant possibility of sex, but it helped nonetheless, for his two other fingers to strum along the pages of pleasure.

As her sighs began filling up with lust, he dipped two fingers sideways into her anticipating gap and closed its walls once he was inside. For the first time, her G-spot was out in plain sight, easily caressed without his knowledge.

He was very thoughtful about her enjoyment, and through the hot air drifting down her collar, a smile was hard to ignore. He had felt the contractions getting tighter, and pushed on his mission until her vagina relaxed around him.

‘babe.. ‘

‘shhh.. ‘

One orgasm was all he wanted to give, and all she would ask for. As for his two fingers, the length of the nails was what remained comfortably inside her. Wrinkling skin slowly formed, as the loving couple drifted off to sleep, for their second day of their sleepover at his house.

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