Pearls of Fury

Bubbles took a good look at the new pair of panties she bought before slipping them on, stretching it around her tiny little waist, usual for a 14 year old. This particular underwear had a little pocket at the crotch area, filled with five pearls sewn into it.

The high waist, black denim shorts contoured her hips as she wriggled them higher, pressing the pellets against her clit without any intervention. She got wet immediately and went to plaid her hair up, feeling every move of her disturb the hard objects in her panties tease her clit.

When she set off to meet her friends for lunch, she knew her panties was already soaked. The unique washed out design of her shorts would hide her hornienss, but it was difficult to put on a straight face when she was constantly so close to touching herself.

On the bus, Bubbles couldn’t stop playing with her crotch, using those balls to slide around her sensitive clit. It was particularly easy to cum with the external help and she fell into a half-daze nap for the trip.

Before lunch, the girls had decided to catch a movie since they were not hungry, and Bubbles couldn’t be more glad for the sweater she brought along. Under the thick wool, she played with herself in the darkness of the theatre and came another time, sinking her eyes into those reddish sockets.

No one knew what was happening but it wasn’t too much worry since the bunch of students understood ‘tiredness’ well. Lunch was especially brief when they found themselves in the middle of rush hour, and they split ways after the meal.

‘Hey, wanna meet?’, she texted her fling who lived about 20 minutes away. He made his way to their usual play spot and was surprised at the amount of stickiness her panties held. As usual, he ate her out to a more rewarding and free orgasm, sending her shivering and leaving a small puddle under her feet in a climax so strong it weakened her completely.

She did not just leave him dangling and gave him a handjob in exchange, pumping all those gooey semen over her panties she wasn’t going to wear again. The walk home with him was a more relaxed one, without anymore stimulation on her sore clit, still wet with his saliva.

The new favourite pair of panties went into the laundry as soon as she was home and no one noticed them in her initiative spirit to ‘hang the clothes up’. That night, she wore the cleaned, magical underwear to sleep and had one of the best wet dreams, climaxing in her sleep to the fantasies of him, fucking her mind out – if she wasn’t a virgin.

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