Two Sisters’ Tuition

‘Mr. Yeh, how old are you again?’

’25. Why?’


The two sisters had been eyeing each other down for some reason, giving the part time tutor a hard time to get their attention. Amanda strike first to remove the cardigan she wore in the air-conditioned study, while Alicia went a step further to take her t-shirt off.

‘Woah woah! What are you girls doing? I am leaving the room now.’

‘MR. YEH!’

The synchronised screaming of his name rang through the whole house, instantly getting a response from their mum.

‘Is everything okay?’


He stayed at the door watching the two girls strip to their cute underwears, not caring anymore if he ‘saw’ or ‘not seen’ their state of undress. He knew he could have walked out of the room to their mum in the kitchen, but the extra minute of hesitation had expired his options.

‘Mr. Yeh, can you lie on the bed?’

He laid at where they pointed him to and felt his clothes gone, one by one till they reached his blue boxers. Taking his dick out of the little cut in the briefs, they did not want his pubes to spoil the footage they were taking turns to film with a phone. Of the three, he still had no idea what they were after. Was it just money?

‘Mr. Yeh, who do you like more? Amanda or me?’

‘Both. I like both of you, that’s why I’m still teaching you girls right?’

‘But why do you keep looking at Alicia?’

‘I didn’t!’

Amanda squeezed his dick hard and a groan came out unexpectedly, dick standing in full length in front of the two sixteen year olds. They had well developed bodies but he never thought of them at way. Their parents were his teachers and he was trusted to teach their kids after they retired.

The sight of them lying by each side turned him on even more and he was helplessly twitching in their pointless arguements.

‘Fine. You’ll suck him first. I’ll find something else to do.’

Amanda, the skinnier of the two, combed her hair behind her ears and engulfed his dick in her mouth, lips stroking sensually across his shaft. From their friendly conversations in the past, he knew she had a boyfriend before. Yeh didn’t get to see much of the sexy blowjob before Alicia, the bigger breasts sister, climb over his head and rubbed her pussy on his mouth.

Shaved and smelling sweet, the slight wetness had aided the start of his oral test. Tongue roamed everywhere to get her moaning and his lower half was treated to the most addictive lips service ever. It was all so hot and steamy on the guest bed in front of the desk, dirty noises coming from all three of them.

‘Alicia. Can I try his mouth?’

Her sister exchanged places and Amanda sat on his face, looking at the wall above his head. As soon as she began to shiver at his flicks, Yeh let off a deep moan into her pussy. Alicia had secretly sat on his dick without anyone’s permission and got started riding him fast. The violent rocking couldn’t hide the activity and the grinding of the labia above his neck got more intense. His nose had became her clit massager.

There was no more talking as the girl riding his cock was allowed to continue till she climax, and they turned their attention to try out his cock. Another vagina took his cock ‘home’ and he was holding her waist to rock her in the right direction. Amanda got her orgasm soon after and they were lying in his arms next, fondling the ever-big manhood in their hands.

‘Mr. Yeh. What now?’

‘Alicia, give us some space.’

He placed the pillow and bolster under Amanda’s hips and asked her sister to lie on top of her, in doggy with her ass sticking out. He kneeled behind them and went into Alicia first, remembering that her last orgasm was further away.

Pounding with force, he made her scream into her sister’s ears, quickly hushing the slutty noises by kissing each other on the lips. The waiting girl under them began to rub her own clit, in preparation for her turn. Jerking non-stop in doggy, Yeh almost came when her vagina closed around his enlarged penis.

Switching to the more obedient of the two, his belly tapped lightly on the bum on top while his dick slurped rapidly at Amanda’s cunt. She was so tight to begin with and Yeh was in his own world groaning their names in turns.

‘I’m going to cum!’

He pulled out abruptly and separated the girls to lie between, holding their heads and forcing them to his groin. The girls sandwiched his cock with a kiss and glided up and down the uneven stick, alternating their mouths over his little head in equal periods.

‘Cumming! Cumming!’

The lips formed a four leave clover over his tip and he let himself go, squirting hot, white liquid into their clefs while they slurped his cum up playfully. The girls had swallowed their share before he could see what happened to his ejaculate, falling on his head as soon as they began to lick him clean.

‘Mr. Yeh, so who is better?’

‘You two, as one.’

He was panting when he replied them, making the girls so happy that they went on to masturbate after putting on a decent amount of clothes. The three hour tuition consisted of some rest time before he had to leave, and the girls were more tired than usual after getting their pussies rubbed by their teacher.

‘Mr. Yeh. Can you drop by tomorrow too? You still owe us three hours from last week.’

He silenced them with a finger on his lips and spoke to their mum outside the door, securing a session the very next day for ‘intensive’ mock papers.

When he arrived to do his job, the house was empty except for them three. The girls were already naked under one piece of top each and there was nothing less than ‘intense’ that day, cumming once for each sister, and one more for them together.

Yes, what about the videos they recorded with the camera on the desk?

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