Cloak of Pleasure

She took my jacket and wore it into the cold theatre, a long cloak that didn’t have any zips on it. Seated side by side, the movie we caught was almost nearing its expiry, and it was only then we had time to watch it together. She was in a pair of shorts and bralet when we met, but the constant movements in her seat got my attention to the clothes that appeared from under the jacket.

Me: ‘Hey! What are you doing?’
Bubbles: ‘Just getting comfy? There’s no one around anyway.’

The bralet and shorts were kept in one of our shopping bags and she just tucked her feet on top of the chair, like a minion in a hoodie. She gestured for one of my hands when the lights dimmed, and slipped it into the jacket between her boobs.

The tiny breasts had an unpadded bra over them and it was easy to reach into it, massaging those lumps that caused her to breath deeply. Heading south to her groin, her knees were opened wide enough for my fingers to go through, coming into contact with her delicate, soft pussy that was already wet.

Bubbles easily succumbed to the clit play I did with my nails, and quickly guided my hand deeper into her pussy. The in-out strokes I did went only as far as my curled fingers could given our awkward positions, but that did not stop her from getting touchy around my groin.

She threw one sleeve over my lap and made it looked like she was hugging me, but in reality, my shorts were tugged down to my thighs. Jerking me as fast as I fingered her, I could tell she was more into me than the involuntary tremors she received.

Me (whispering): ‘I’m going to cum if you keep going!’
Bubbles (whispering): ‘Then cum!’
Me (whispering): ‘But here?’
Bubbles: ‘Not my problem.’

She continued without a care for the mess that was about to happen, driving me nuts with her playful character. Just as I was about to lose control, I grabbed her by the neck and pushed her down over my dick, choking her neck to get her to open her mouth so it would fit.

I bounced her head like a basketball and gagged her a few times, before I sifted my fingers through her hair to keep her down. My cum just erupted into her pretty lips and she pinched my arm in resistance. There was no way I could let her go until I was done and by the time I did, she was panting for air.

A light slap went across my face and I pulled my jacket away. A little fight broke out between us but it wasn’t anything serious, more like a tiff after a soured quickie.

Bubbles: ‘Dirty old pervert!’

We stayed in each others’ arms till the show was over, and we went to the toilet near the exit for her to put her clothes back on.

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