Accidental Call

(Sister’s faint voice) ‘Kor~’

Responding to my sister’s call, I got up in a weary state on my non-working day and went into her room, only to see her masturbating furiously, as she laid her body across the top of her bolster. Since she was facing downward, she didn’t notice my presence until I closed the door.

(In her shocked voice) ‘KOR!’

I entered again but saw her hiding behind the bolster, hugging it so ever tightly in her chest.

‘Did you come in just now?’

‘Yeah. You called my name?’

‘Sorry.. ‘

‘It’s okay.’

Just as I was about to shut the door on her again, she asked me to come in. Still sleepy, I laid on her bed while she hid under the blanket next to me. Half dazed, I didn’t see her approaching my morning wood until she rested a hand on top of it.

‘I.. should go back to my room.’

(She pleaded) ‘No don’t!’

She held onto my cotton boxers until I relaxed, before pulling it down carefully to see the shiny head, foreskin stretching painfully over the shaft. The curious sister bounced it a few times, before holding it to see my orgasmic face. Placing an area of her blanket over my belly, she rested her head there and watched my erection twitch, caressing it various areas that made my chest rose and fell.

I slid my hand under her chest and cupped her boob, massaging each side a few times in my palm. Braless, her nipple quickly turned hard between my fingers.

(Sis asked innocently) ‘We can’t have sex right?’

(I answered) ‘But I can masturbate you if you want.’

She tucked her knees in to get into 69 by my shoulder, giving me a closer look at her pussy. Running my fingers along the wet slit, she moaned louder as she jerked my dry, hot skin up and down.

(I groaned) ‘Put some saliva on it.’

Warm liquid ran down the shaft and it immediately felt better in her slippery fingers. I stuck a finger into her and she groaned deeply, planting a kiss on my cock at that instant.

(I whimpered) ‘Hey, don’t.. ‘

I would never let her please me in her expense, but she began sucking on the top like a pacifier. Thrusting my hand fast, she was leaking juices down my forearm onto her bed. The handjob got a speed bump and my sister had found the right pressure to squeeze my hard on to amplify the erotism.

(She confessed shyly) ‘Kor.. I’m going to orgasm. Kee.. ep going.’

My mood lighten up in the contracting vagina, facing more difficulty to reach as far as I did earlier. She had kept my dick head really warm in her mouth while her active hand kept going.

(Her ear-pleasing moan) ‘NGHHNN!’

Her cries filled the room as she came violently, pouring her fluids out in a single thick stream. My hips thrashed upwards as my cum flew out from the hole, right into her sucking cheeks that drew every bit out completely.

We just trembled in the 69 position until she was done, and I was emptied. Collapsing next to each other, we accidentally fell into a short nap until she pushed herself up on my thighs.

‘Kor, let’s clean up.’

We took a shower together and washed each other like in the past. Nothing else happened that afternoon and it was just siblings’ time to eat and relax on the tranquil day.

(I warned her) ‘Mei mei, don’t tell anyone k?’

(She assured me) ‘Of course. But can we do it some time again ?’

Her long shirt teased me with the mystery of what’s under and I gave her a wink before putting on some clothes to head out.

‘Mummy is coming home in a while. Let’s go to the staircase?’

She stacked our dirty plates up and pulled her shirt lower, grabbing a jacket before holding my hand to head to the corner we knew couples always had their fun at.

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