Rocking Bed 2

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(Elise whispered) ‘hey?’

She mumbled when I flipped her on her back to stretch her arm out, for the Velcro cuffs that arrived a day before. Once she was sober enough to realise what I was doing, her other hand had already tied to the corner, leaving me to secure her right.

The hyperactive kicking feet got some time to restrain and she was spread wide by the time I finally got both ends around her knees. Flaky, white cum had dried around her mouth and she was throwing a tantrum for me to free her.

‘Hey! I’m not going to hurt you k? Just relax will you?’

(She snapped as she struggled) ‘I can relax without being tied up! Let me go!’

I jumped into bed knowing I was safe from any attacks, and ran my fingertips slowly across her chest. The long, golden zipper ran down her chest and I could give those hard nipples a pinch. There was no lack of moans once I started playing with her cute assets, driving her crazy and thereafter pleas to touch her clit.

Of course, I wasn’t going to leave her hanging there. Gliding my middle finger slowly down from her clit, I poked into her vagina before retracting the same way out. Going back and forth along the cummy slit, she was in a trance from the sensation so similar to her own lonely session.

About five minutes after alternating rapid clit rubs and long distance slides, her thighs wobbled uncontrollably and she came while a finger was inside.

(She moaned weakly) ‘fu.. ccck.. you make me so weak.’

I removed my hand and used only one finger, to jiggle her erected clit for as long as she could not take it. Her eyes remained closed and her waist kept twitching, before a finger penetration relieved her of the desperate urge.

‘Are you going to fuck me? Cause I want it so badly now.’

‘Maybe? But maybe not.’

In my mind, I already knew the answer. How could I let this beauty stay unsatisfied that long? Or could it be the key to get her coming back for more? I continued the bondage torture for the next thirty minutes, begs going on deaf ears to finger her as I liked.

When she was drifting in and out of sleep, I finally repositioned myself to sit between her legs, curling my fingers into her pussy. She awakened to the random movements inside her, and began to groan while I ‘scooped’ her displeasure away.

‘I’m gonna cum! Right now!’

It only took me thirty seconds for droplets to splash all over my wrist, and stayed still for a long time for her to catch her breath. Once I pulled out of her, I covered her sweaty chest with my blanket and the same snoring sound came.


She rubbed her eyes and realised her arms were freed. There wasn’t a single mark on her wrists and I was fully clothed next to her. Her dress was back in place and everything seemed like a dream.

‘You wore my clothes back for me?’

‘Just your panties.’

The confused look amused me when she massaged her knees, sticking her hand into her panties to bring some wetness out.

‘You didn’t tie me up?’

‘With? Did you just have a dream?’

We got out of bed after a while and we walked to her bus stop in silence. There was still some soreness in her nipples and clit, but she wasn’t sure of anything anymore.

‘Your bus.’

‘J.. thanks for today. I think I had the weirdest dream ever.’

‘Actually, I did tie you up, and teased you for a long time.’

The bus doors opened and she looked at me till it moved off. A middle finger appeared behind the window and I couldn’t help but smile at the 1-0 score we had.

She was abusive in her messages after we separated, but one particular one caught my attention.

(Her WhatsApp message) ‘I’m going to get my revenge asshole! See you tomorrow.’

Now, I’m pretty sure she’ll be back for more.

Part 1 | Part 2

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