Rocking Bed

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(She asked) ‘Can’t you tell me what you’re going to do?’

‘You’ll see.’

We went into my room in the rented apartment, that was closer to school, and Elise dropped her bag against the wall. Seeing her in that baby blue dress had gotten me so hard from focusing in class, probably doing the same for the other guys around her. I twisted the lock and shoved her towards the bed, landing on her knees in an accidental doggy pose.

Her layered pink polka dots panties stopped at her knees and I held her waist to keep her from moving.

(She squealed) ‘Hey hey.. I’m not even wet yet!’

‘You’ll be.’

My belt hit the floor loud and I went up to her, tearing her dry pink lips wide to fit my cock. Pushing at the warm hole, the gradual wetness soon helped me to go deeper, penetrating in shallow thrusts to her deepest spot. The slight pain had caused her to crawl to the centre of the bed, making me kneel with her.

Unwilling to let her control me any further, I sent the strongest shove right into her pussy. Pumping at the struggling girl, her futile clutches on my pillow and blanket only made me frantic. The bed I made daily, was messed up by her inability to control herself.

Ravaging through her inner love, she came in under two minutes of the violent pounding, soaking my cock in her nectar that turned my shaft white.

(She moaned louder) ‘PLEASE BE GENTLE! Arghh..’

Our hips touched and she collapsed face down, groans muffled by the intense doggy style sex executed by yours truly. She came another time and really pushed me to my wits end with her tightness, clenching around my cock as if she wanted it less harshly.

(I groaned) ‘Fuck.. I’m gonna cum!’

I pushed her ass away and climbed over her body, waited for her to roll over before grabbing her by her hair. Holding her head up, I stuffed my cock into the mouth before exploding – instantly, choking her mouth full and splattering some of my cum from the sides of her lips.

(I snarled at her) ‘Swallow them!’

I commanded subconsciously and she gulped till only the stains at her lips remained. Dropping her head, I wiped my dick between her boobs and cleaned with a packet of wet wipes waiting on my table.

(She chided shyly) ‘You’re such a pervert!’

‘Look who’s the one covered in cum.’

She turned to a side to hug my bolster and I whipped my phone out, secretly snapping a few photos of her sleeping posture. I was as tired as her after the quickie, but she started snoring before I even covered the blanket over myself.

Part 1 | Part 2

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