Malibu Rise

Seeing her stand in the balcony, things can’t get any hotter than to have a hourglass figure right in front of the rising sun. I couldn’t tell if she was clothed, if not for the frayed ends of her shorts. ‘Hey’, I caught her attention as I closed my arms around her waist, soft and small against my hips.

‘You’re up?, she arched her neck over my shoulder for a kiss and I just rested my chin in her neck, admiring the beautiful sign of existence. Pushing my fingers into her shorts, the lack of any panties let me roamed forward to her groin, slightly wet right at her pussy. The black denim shorts I got her dropped to the wooden patio, and she did the same for my berms.

I repositioned my groin to tuck my cock under her ass, skilfully slipping it into her grinding ass. Still engrossed by the golden horizon, sensual breathes joined our calmed minds. I picked up the Chanel shades resting on the cracked wooden fence, and dropped it over her eyes. Taking a step back for space, the graceful strokes hastened her breaths.

There was nothing comparable to the sexual thrusts I made, right into the heartwarming body. Her monotone moans, sounded like classical music drifting through the breeze. That lesser known resort, has become our little haven, for the increasing tempo, that filled the air with her voice.

‘Mmm.. ‘, the sigh of pleasure greeted me as I moved faster, joining our hips as one. Her little gap had held me as gently as those hands that smothered my raging urges all yesterday. More alluring than addictive, I couldn’t slow down no matter how hard I tried. The slight suction, the yearning gasps of air, kept me pleasing the sweet young mind of hers.

As the light shone on our faces, we were moving faster than we wanted. I was making dirty slaps with the forceful thrusts, bouncing the little Bs hanging over the ground. Tighter and tighter she got, in opposite to my enlarging cock.

‘I’m gonna cum now’, what I said brought her fingers to her clit, rubbing fast to match my speed. In the glory of the morning sun, the solar flare blew out of my tip, pumping the puff full of cream, that she had been teasing with her fiest. All of it went into her, without a single drop missed, sent deep within the gorgeous petite teen.

The moment we separate, did she hop to spread her legs, for the sticky globs of love, to fall between our feet. A thin white mix reduced our balcony space by a bit, leaving the day bed for our next. We wore our clothes back after that, the same tops and shorts for a break.

‘Breakfast?’, the drowsy eyes said, and we walked into the sparse crowd, with outfits not too different from our picks. We started our day with eggs and toast, taking a stroll by the beach, to truly wake our tired aches.

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