Morning Head

‘Hey, time to work’, she tried to stick her hand into my boxers but I pushed her away before she got to it, wanting to conserve my energy for the long day. We had been married for over a year now, and sex was a nightly routine to get our bodies tired for a deep sleep.

My boxers went under my ass when she held on to them, pulling me back into the tempting warm bed. Knowing that I always wake up too early, she went under the blanket to give me my morning head. Still in a half-asleep mode, my erection was being sucked to death. Her neck exercises sent my dick down her throat and all I could do was to groan.

Her mouth was the best thing to wake up to ever since we lived together, and she turned her body around to stick her head out of the sheets. ‘A quickie?’, she asked with a cheeky grin. Thunderous clouds flashed lightning across the sky and I knew the buses will be crowded like mad. ‘It’s going to rain, I need to leave now’, I tried to flip away under her legs but she slammed me down on my waist. ‘No!’, she pushed my shoulders into the soft mattress and wriggled her ass lower, finding the tip that was ready to get some lovin’.

I gasped as my cock experienced the familiar tight but soft vagina travelling down the stretched foreskin, until she reached the base. Having spent nights trying to get the cowgirl motions right, she didn’t waste the chance to practice. Rocking her hips back and forth on my lap, she was getting the moves to stimulate my soft spots.

Soon, it felt like I was pumping her but she was doing all the work. She never slowed down at any one time and things only got more intense when she let go off my chest. Like how I rammed her in doggy (on my knees), she was grinding me so fast I couldn’t control my urge. The exponential curve drove me screaming loudly as the impending squeezes narrowed around my shaft.

‘I’m gonna cum!’, she fell onto my relaxed arms and squatted on her feet, swaying her bum to rape my lazy cock. It was just flipping up and down to the rapidly changing angles while a constipated face was shown to me. Suddenly, she paused at the tip of my upward-pointing dick and let thick gooey liquid flow a little down my shaft. Her trembles got more intense and she just let go of her knees, falling right over me for my last straw.

Her D cups landed on my chest as my hips buckled, sending armies of cum into her pussy. Every twitch she made forced more cum out of me, till nothing was left. We laid for about five minutes before my patience ran out, never forgetting that time is of the essence here. She got off me and went to wear her last night’s bra before slipping on a red dress, pantyless under the seductive length.

In my usual folded-sleeve white top and black pants, we went to her car for a faster method to get to my office. Of course, I helped her focus on the road by giving her a clit rub whenever the car was moving. Tired as fuck I was at work, and all my little head could come up with was the sex I was going to have when we get home.

Hello! 7 hours to go! Can’t you wait?

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