Temporary Butler

‘Argh! So tired of school!’, the poly student crashed onto her bed while waiting for Khoo to come in with food. The smell of nuggets got her stomach growling and he fed her piece after piece of sweet chilli dipped goodness. ‘We still have green tea?’, she asked him after falling back to bed and he ran out of the room to fetch her drink. A straw helped her satisfy her thirst lying down and he stashed the can away after she spit the straw out.

Pulling her undies together with her shorts down, her eyes could barely open after the longest day, having CCA open house till late evening. The hyped up event cost her all her energy to scream and play around, until it was time to ‘close shop’. ‘Both places this time?’, he formed a C shape with his thumb and middle finger, poking into her pussy while another entered her tight anus later.

He could feel her hole relaxed to let him in deeper and the double penetration calmed her flustered mind, drifting into a dreamy state. She was about to unbutton her blouse when he took over, freeing her breasts from the sweaty bra. Sucking on her nipples, her moans became his motivation to please his girl. ‘Did anything come in the mail?’, her tired voice got him on his feet and he returned with a black zip lock package, whipping out the double headed dildo she chose.

Replacing his fingers with the toy, he held the bottom of the U shape and shoved it deep, moans filling up the bedroom at the first thrust. Her anus was feeling all of the intense pleasure while her pussy received a hard pounding, transferring toes-curling sensation through both her holes.

‘Can I do it tonight?’, the shaking voice stuttered when she suddenly flipped her arms overhead, scaring him with the causal stretch. ‘Sure, I need it too’, her feet glide across the sheets and he picked her knees up, going under her ass with his manly adulthood. Putting the toy on a piece of tissue, he quickly took the place of the dildo in her pussy and started pleasing the overworked girl.

Louder moans came with deep breaths and she was watching him through her almost-closed eyelids. Those powerful thrusts of his needed little time to give her the first orgasm for the day and she felt her vagina clamp him really tight. After she released an extra serving of bodily fluid down her ass cheeks, he pulled out and aimed his cock at her asshole.

Pushing carefully through the sensitive anus, the penetration completed with a gasp and flesh-deep fingernails gorging. His arms were marked by her ‘seal of approval’ as he anal fucked her mindlessly, ramming fast through that cock wrenching hole.

She was specially vulnerable there and he was angled perfectly to give her orgasms after another. About two consecutive climax drained all her strength and he was groaning in a deeper tone. A sign of his limit reaching the end whenever he fucked her ass. ‘You can cum inside there’, she moaned in the softest voice ever and let him indulge in the treat.

A new found source of energy hit him hard and transferred into heart-stopping orgasm, immobilising her when the last stroke sent him to new depth. The two of them was so close to screaming when his ejaculation jerked him a few more times into her, emptying his daily dose of cum into her innards.

She had gone silent once the best part was over, letting him pull his cleaned cock out of her. Taking two more pieces of wet tissue to wipe her down, there was no need for her to leave the room that night. He tucked her into bed and went out to do his own things, happy that his Master had let him fuck her.

The late 30s man had been under her control since he sent his first dick pic to her, when she was underage. Even though she had past 18, his wrongful act would cost him a lifetime to undo. That means accommodating him in his house rent-free, working whenever she was studying, and providing for her basic necessities.

Was he complaining about anything?

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