The Catch

‘J!’, a Whatsapp message from a long-time friend surprised me when I was about to fall asleep on my bus home. Tired from work, I didn’t text anyone to get some quiet moments for the hour long ride. Xinyi, a junior from secondary school checked up on me and we were sharing details about how we were doing then.

‘Do you run a website?’, that message suddenly sobered me as I do not let my secret hobby leaked into my day life. Unsure of how to reply, I wrote and deleted a few lines. Almost two minutes passed in my ‘Online’ status in her conversation window. ‘J?’, she got the alias right and I had to confess. Well, a friend less wouldn’t really affect me much right? Almost everyone who knew what I wrote had nothing to talk to me about anymore.

She asked me a few more questions about the site and finally got my full attention again, with ‘If I had sex with you, can you keep it a secret?’. Did she just.. or was it a typo somewhere? She lived about three blocks away from me and we even went home together a few times after CCA. Not immediately rejecting her suggestion, a quick meet up was planned at her block, right where I alight.

The tiny girl in our P.E. shirt really blew my mind away seeing how little she had changed in terms of size, but looks wise, much more womanly. The ‘xiao mei mei’ feel was gone and she held up a conversation in a better English than those times. ‘So you work here now!’, shucks, my uniform. She giggled about my shocked face and walked me up the long flight to her block, right next to the main road.

‘Wanna see Bishan from here? It’s the tallest block in this area’, I agreed after wanting to see how much our estate has changed, as well as feel the breeze no matter how still the air was at the first floor. We went up the renovated block and stood near the lift landing, peering out at the quiet scenery.

She disappeared from my side and my bag moved a little, only to see her t-shirt covering her seemingly empty bottom. ‘I keep my shorts with you for a while k?’, her cheerful, kiddy voice didn’t change and I was more distracted by the serenity of the view outside. She took my bag off and placed it next to me, both hands catching on the rail from my sides.

‘You’re serious about it?’, I asked in the coolest tone I could fake. For someone with her looks and everything, there was no need for her to find a fling she knew. On some levels, it IS dangerous. But in terms of comfort, nothing beats being with someone you knew, no matter how brief the meeting was.

When her two bumps touched my back, did I realise she was braless. My jeans were undone from the back and she just took my dick in her hand, confident and affirmed. There was no holding back for my little one when he stretched as far as he could, poking out of her small hands into the cold night. My jeans did not even need to go down to my thighs to be exhibiting that part.

She darted under my arm and squeezed between the wall and me, wrapping my hands right on her breasts. I closed my fingers on them and her hips involuntarily grind against me. ‘Put it inside?’, the whisper held the strongest wish and I took a graceful step back, for her to stick her ass out even more.

‘Where do I cum when it’s time?’, it was something I had to ask so not to kill our fun with confusion. ‘I’ll take care of it. You just pull it out’, she rubbed her smooth ass on my erection again. I had to peel her ass cheeks wider to see where I was going and it simply weakened my knees when I entered the softest haven ever.

Her ‘fuck me’ position was at a nice height and I could feel most of my shaft inside her. The 1cm I couldn’t get wet wasn’t much of a problem after I started thrusting into her. Pumping the previously shy junior from the rear, there was nothing more sexy to be doing it to such a wondrous sight. Cars were still zooming past, and the whole floor was quiet.

Saliva slurped in the heat of the moment and she was tight at times. When she pulled my hips closely against her, I knew she came and we just suddenly broke free for her to squat over the drains. ‘Hey?’, my dick almost shrank when guilt overcame me, still lost at what just happened. Loud splashing noises filled the drain with a yellowish liquid and the mystery was solved.

It was her nature’s call. Coming up to my height once she was done, my cock entered her again and we were fucking quietly in the corridor. There was no more breaks in between her next orgasm and my own finishing move. She was such a gorgeous to hold and pound, and sniff and please. My dick was so composed that it gave me ample time to pull out of her with a minute into the end.

Xinyi went behind me and held my cock at the wall, jerking me off while an arm over my butt kept moving. She was masturbating while masturbating me! What a considerate girl she had become. It took me slightly longer to cum since there was a huge difference between her hand and pussy, but the intensity of my ejaculate was nothing short of powerful.

She slowed her strokes to ease my cum that oozed into her palm, letting my urge die down with her intricate attention to my mental state. None of exhibit A touched the newly painted walls and most of it landed in the drain. We stood a distance apart for me to wear my pants back, and helped her put hers on since one of her hands was ‘full’.

The pact was made verbally to keep this secret forever and scheduled our next meeting. Eighth, was the floor she stayed while I zoomed to the first to walk home. I couldn’t resist asking her why she chose me and it made me feel really good when she told me about the girls having a crush on me when we were all younger.

Also, I was still as caring after all these years apart. Would she tell her friends since the promise was just ‘me keeping it a secret’?

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