Not Asleep Yet

‘Boy, asleep yet?’, whispered his mother who spotted him turn on and off the lights to find his charging wire. ‘Not yet’, he got up to see her standing in front of his door in a translucent nightie, showing off her curves she maintained through Muay Thai classes.

He opened his blanket to get her closer until she laid her hand on his bulge, poking painfully at his boxers. Raising the gap of his bottoms over his erection, she held it gently while lying her legs on his bed. She moved closer to his side to let him feel under the dress, where her little one was already wet in the absence of her husband.

‘Don’t you regret having me as your son?’, he bravely asked his step mum whom his dad remarried from his previous abusive wife. ‘How could I?’, she teased the tip with her thumb while his curling finger missed her vagina and brushed across her clit. He corrected his angle and wriggled his middle finger quickly, getting her to moan his name in a sexual way.

When he leaned back down on his bed, she went on her knees and climbed over his waist, straddling a few inches above his pointy tip. She only needed to descend her ass to feel his six incher ease into her pussy, readily loosened by her craving for sex. The fit NS boy did not make a noise when she sat over his dick, engulfing him in pleasure with her soft vaginal tissues.

Positioning herself upright, she placed her palms on his hips as she rocked back and forth, grinding on that dick scraping in an upward motion. He was as big as his dad and could last long. To keep herself from fucking the other neighbour who was always flirting with her, she had asked her son for help.

Her hands slowly moved to his thighs to let him reach a different area, going all the way back until he could sit with legs under her raised knees. Sliding his ass on the loosened bedsheets, he was thrusting deeply into his mum who was grabbing her own boobs in pleasure. Pumping fast and deep, he became the one who was seated and her back on the bed.

Trained to move fast, she straightened her legs and closed her feet above his head, twisting to a side and changing to doggystyle. That dutiful son wasted no time to slap his hands on her hips, dragging into his thrusting cock. Bumping on those firm ass, he had covered every spot on his shaft, leaving no area dry. She was just moaning her heart out in the mercy of his forceful entries.

Finally, she buried her face into the foot of the bed and groaned hard, pushing him to go even faster from behind. ‘Mummy, cumming!’, his hands slipped and he collapsed over her back, hugging her without a choice as his load overflowed out of her pussy. She was still jutting on his lap when he came and only stopped with his softened state popped out.

She turned to the box of tissue and wiped him up while he kneeled in front of her, letting her tidy up the mess she made. ‘Sleeping now?’, he asked the exhausted wife with reddened eyes. ‘Maybe later’, she hopped out of bed and closed his door, enough to let a bit of light enter.

Within minutes, a mechanical whirl came and she was moaning again. There was no way his dad could imagine the toy he bought for her was used as just desserts. Argh. Those drops of fluid from his mum has caught onto his bedsheets.

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