Pound of Luck

I didn’t bother to adjust my shoulder strap after alighting the cab, walking zig-zag on the short path from the carpark to my block. It was a crazy night of drinking on Sentosa beach, in celebration of one of my girl friend’s birthday. I brought a set of bikinis to match the dress code and did not change out of it since everyone was rushing home to rest for the next day. All of us knew we were going to be hungover.

The whispers from the grass patch nearby spooked me and before I could make out what was making the noise, three dark figures pulled me into darkness. An overgrown tree obstructed the street lamp shining in my direction and two person were shoving me further into the field.

Their language was foreign and my weak arms did little to hinder my crotchet top coming off. The next thing I did was to cup my breasts as the knots snapped behind my neck, beach shorts sliding to the ground from my normal legs’ width. There was no more hands to hold both cups as I had to shield my thongs from coming off, but their sober strength overpowered me easily.

Falling back to a hard push, my arms were held over my head by one of them and white teeth appeared momentarily in front of me. The pair of lighter shade palms cupped those lumps and squeezed them really hard. None of my screams were loud enough in the oily hand holding my jaws closed. My legs were forced opened after he had played enough with my Chinese boobs and rubbed on my clit violently till I was wet.

A zip sound came from his jeans and a pink stick popped out. Fearing for the worst, the alcohol had to choose this time to spin my head. Despite lying still, I was getting lightheaded from the fingers digging into me. It was pleasurable and disgusting at the same time, for I was about to puke.

The last straw came when the scent of an unwashed cock whiffed into my face, sending my dinner and ice cream onto the soil next to me. My breathing was stopped for a moment when my nose were pinched, and water ran over my face from above. The plastic cap snapped onto the bottle and a few crunching noises gave me useless information about what was poured over me.

The body below my waist came nearer and I felt a hot tip piercing through my mind, freezing my body at the wrong time. The cock rammed fast and deep into my vagina and it really tore me apart. It was fat and round at its sides, raping my genitals without mercy. Shallow orgasms was all I could muster in the fast paced ordeal, my body knowing full well not to find this enjoyable.

He was just fucking me in all the right spots before I came another time. As my soul left the dirtied body, he pulled out and squirt his cum over my belly, where my black bikini top was left dangling on my chest.

The biological signal from them swapped places and another dick plunged right into the already-wet hole, using my lifeless self as a sex toy. Pain shot through my cheeks when a hand slapped across my face, waking me up to endure the helpless rape.

A cock was stuffed into my side-facing mouth and thrust deeply, letting me watch only a pair of thighs jerking in front of me. *incomprehensible chattering* The two men moved even faster to my awakening body and my pussy shut tightly over the dick as I came for the third time. This time, I could feel my strength returning and the men had to use more force to keep me still.

My pussy took the hard and long strokes after that and the same pull-out trick landed his cum on my belly, overflowing the earlier load down my waist. Seconds later, my head turned away after feeling his warm semen touched my skin, all evasive manoeuvres done by my instincts.

Disturbing zip sounds went off like fireworks over both my ears, before they ran away in the direction above my head. I could only roll over slowly with a sore groin and sticky situation, wearing only my top and shorts since my inner wear was ripped.

I felt so used and useless then, but managed to get home without breaking down. After I got into the shower without detection, did I want to call the cops on my phone.

‘Hope you are safely home.’ The text from my boyfriend suddenly made me realise that there were people more important than telling the world about what just happened to me. ‘I am now’, the most heart wrenching message was read by him before he wished me goodnight.

Fucking life fucked me.

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