New Fun

‘Hey, are you Jo?’, a feminine voice got his attention and he looked at the lady clearly years older than him. She held onto his elbows to direct him once she confirmed her partner and walked straight into the mall. ‘Where’s Jason?’, Jo had to ask out of courtesy since he was the one who contacted him for a threesome. ‘He’s following us from far. Don’t look’, she walked proudly among the crowd staring at their obvious huge age gap, making Jo so afrid of seeing someone he knew.

The maroon dress she wore wasn’t too short, contouring around where made her sexy. It also had a velvety feel when she hugged his arm too tight, feeling boobs so soft as he could imagine them to be. There was no way anyone could tell how sexy she was compared to the photos Jason sent him. He could only see the ‘lady’ in her instead of the depicted ‘horny wife’.

They went into an apparel shop where the only staff greeted her. ‘Ehh. So long never see you!’, her conversation was interrupted when she looked behind them, as if seeing someone she feared.

‘There’s no customers?’, Jo’s girlfriend for the day asked her friend who went back behind the cashier. ‘Nope. Business has been quiet lately’, she looked at the POS monitor and opened a log book to carry on with her task, while the couple browsed through the merchandies.

When Jo spotted a top that had so many straps on its back, he just had to take it out to see clearer. ‘How do you even wear this?’, his genuine question needed not much longer to get an answer to. She took his choice and led him into the changing rooms, curtains acting as doors in the small outlet.

Metal clanks came from outside and the staff was speaking to someone else immediately. The lady Jo was in the changing room with is the wife of another man, ‘Jason’, as he knew. The dress looked gorgeous on her and turned to the full length mirror to check herself out. ‘Can you see how low must you go before you can see my panties?’, she watched him through the mirror with a grin.

Jo squatted slowly and did not say a word until he saw her puffy mould, right between her thigh gap. ‘You didn’t wear any’, he stammered and watched her bent forward to the mirror. Her feet shuffled backwards until her pussy was stuck right in his face, and the curious boy leaned closer for a sniff. It was a childhood scent of Johnson’s baby wash from what he could remember. A tinge of wetness lined the curves of her under lips and he swiped his fingertip slowly along the valley.

The strand of stickiness stretched until he pulled his hand further away, breaking the chain of pleasure. ‘Do you want to lose your virginity in here?’, she asked in a cheeky tone. ‘I don’t know. Maybe not?’, his doubtful voice was completely understandable and she did not force anything on him either.

The cushion stool in the corner was brought behind his legs, giving him a side view of her upcoming plan. She pulled his jeans down and patted loudly on the stool. For ‘Category A’ seating, he watched her kneel between his legs and tied her hair in a high ponytail, holding his rod like an experienced wife.

It only took her a finger going under his foreskin to unravel his erection, pointing excitedly at her. She actually blow air out before taking his dick into her lip-sticked mouth, holding it in while saliva gathered at her jaw. When his rod appeared again, it was completely wet and his innocence were never seen again.

Leaning backwards in shock, his head went dizzy from her rapid lip movements, sliding up and down wetly over his shaft. The curtains opened a little for an eye peeping at them but none of them realised that at all. Jo couldn’t stop groaning despite knowing they were in ‘public’ given how heavenly her tongue was swirling around his dick head.

Sucking harder on her way ‘up’, popping noises heightened his sensitivity around the tip. When she circled around the underside of the little hood, his eyelids pried themselves open with a deep gasp. Her lips relaxed after a few minutes into the private performance and his dick was dipping in a warm orifice at a constant speed.

She had caught the timing perfectly to transit into the next phase, reconstructing a ‘pussy’ with her mouth. Jo then had recovered his composure and was admiring her taking his long cock, occasionally pausing throat deep on him.

Her pace gradually increased to send him back to his pitiful groaning mode, hands gripping the sides of his chair tighter. In under five minutes, his feet had clamped at the base and toes were curled beyond its usual angle.

‘Shooting shooting!’, his poorly structured warning only pushed her to go faster, tongue joining in the fun gliding seamlessly under his shaft. Once his chest flew forward for the first squirt, she sank her lips down to the groin where his dick starts. There was no bit of genital showing when the rest of his cum flowed out of his rod, confusing him for a moment about whether he actually came.

Her hands finally came into the picture during the last pump, fondling his balls to get two more squeezes. Drawing away from him, the cleanest cock showed up and shrunk down fast. She wiped her mouth as if he came a lot and acted normal to fold her own dress.

‘Was it a lot?’, he had to confirm that his tiredness came from the amount he gave her. ‘Uh huh. And I can still feel them inside’, she gave him the loveliest smile and went to the counter ahead of him. Her friend cut the tag off the dress Jo picked for her, and steamed the lower flaring part that was crumpled.

Without making any payment, they left for the area that she found Jo waiting earlier. From the corner of his eye, he could spot a man entering with his card in his hand, ready to make payment for something. Jo bought her a StarBuck drink while waiting for a text to go into her phone.

Jo never felt this confident and relieved, especially when he himself was filled with worries and confusion about how things might turn out. She, Ella, had let him experienced a taste of a woman not afraid to lead and take charge – even if she was a submissive one with her rightful partner.

This entry is an appreciation for the owner of Josecantstopwriting, who showed me the upside of Tumblr’s mention-and-reposting system. He has rightfully obtained permission to post the stories I’ve written for him in full, and it is an eye opener to see a method of sharing that work around infringement of intellectual property.

Apart from those who have obtained their exclusive rights to publish my works on their sites or elsewhere, I still stand by my principles for others to post excerpts of any works from any writers. So to bring readers back to where effort has been put in to deliver content in the authors’ ideal reading environment – their sites that is.

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