A Given

It was a special day for Bubbles as she received a present from him, in a flat, brown carton box without any wrapper. They were in a chalet room he had booked just for the two of them, since hotels were out of the question. She popped the two cardboard lids open and saw a variety of toys laid neatly at the base, tightly packed as well.

‘Stand on the bed’, she followed his instructions calmly and watched him take the blindfold out. Her vision went dark as he tied it behind her head, causing even more excitement to rush through her mind. There was nothing under her sweater and her black school skirt was the only troublesome thing she wore.

After he stripped her down, he placed a loop over her head and some other straps around her arms and breasts. A bondage underwear went up her legs and was fastened around her hips, with a loose strap dangling under her groin. Then, a collar went around her neck and a buzzing sound came. ‘Come’, she felt a tug on the collar towards the bed and she sat carefully, unsure if there was anything in her way.

He laid her down on the pillow and slapped a pair of cuffs on her wrists, securing them together with metallic locks. The chains were held above her head and more clanging noises immobilised her arms. As adrenaline flooded her senses, he gave his next command, ‘Come in guys!’. Fear immediately shut her legs together but she could not hear anything apart from his movements on the bed.

A warm body hovered over her and a kiss landed on her cheeks. Yes, it was still the familiar scent of him. ‘Kidding. It’s just you and I tonight’, he blew those words into her ear before running his fingers down her neck, nails circling around her tiny nipples. They were as erected as she could be, and the delayed contact on those sensitive tips was driving her crazy.

Finally, his warm mouth went over her breast and immediately took a huge bite between the teeth, shocking pain into her head. The wriggling tongue flicked her nipples shortly after to relief the soreness and soothed her fears, slowly relaxing her body. Despite not being able to move, he was pleasing her right where she laid.

The nibbles and sucking of her boobs got her wet soon and the most anticipated part approached. He spread her legs apart and buried his face into her muff, devouring the tiny slit that was as juicy as a watermelon. As if trying to lick a certain spot inside her, the constant slurping of his tongue got her really horny. Bubbles was just that close to fucking him.

The buzzing noise came after he was done quenching his thirst and she trembled to the first contact of the toy on her clit. He dragged the tip everywhere within those wet folds to find the sweet spot. Focusing most of the toy play on the area below her clit, it didn’t take long for her to cum after all those teasing.

Just like she feared, an amount of wetness leaked out of her and she had no idea what the mess looked like. A thick plastic tip touched her opening and went in a curl, somewhat like a J-shape. ‘It’s here?!’, she sounded too excited for her ‘innocent’ look and quickly sighed to the deep reach, moaning at the curved tip that was pushing her g-spot to its limit.

He simply slid it in and out of her while pressing the vibrator on her clit. Her voice went over the top when she came the second time and wetted the bed again. Energy was running out for her and she was barely moving after the orgasms.

‘Hey. Can you let me rest now?’, she had closed her eyes behind the blinds and he was still massaging her swollen clit. ‘Yeah. I need to rest too. Let me change hands’, he gave her the confusing answer and did not lay a finger on her for a minute. The next time he returned, a rubbery tip pierced into her pussy after he held her knees open, sitting by her waist to manoeuvre the dildo.

Ramming it deep into the unprepared girl, her cuffs held her down from going beast-mode on him. The metal chain scraped against the headboard repeatedly as he pumped at his fastest pace, until she squirted into the air. The cramps in her belly made her cringe so hard her toes cramped up as well, but the toy wasn’t stopping inside her.

‘Aren’t you tired? You can sleep anytime’, his scheming plot could be heard in his tone and she was still moaning to the thrusting toy. ‘I need to pee!’, she finally spoken her thoughts and he stuffed the dildo deep inside. He tightened the strap to hold the toy in and momentarily freed her, leading her by the leash into the bathroom.

As soon as she felt the cold seat, her pee splashed against the strap in front of her clit all over her legs. Bubbles couldn’t really care about that anymore since she might just wet the bed (as if she hasn’t) if he didn’t let her go. After the little jiggle around her shoulders, he rinsed her soiled underwaist with warm water.

Heading back to the bed, she was not given a choice when he sat on her belly, locking her hands again. The dildo began moving to drive her crazy with screams, and one more orgasm got so close to knocking her out. ‘Daddy.. I can’t take it anymore.. I have no more strength.. ‘, she begged him to let her go and the addictive dildo left her vagina.

Another round, hard plastic object went into her and she recognised the design with accuracy. It was a wireless vibrator, and definitely felt better than sleeping with a dildo. He untied her hands but instructed her to kep the blindfolds on, which Bubbles had no qualms about.

From the corner of her eyes, the lights went out and she slowly drifted to sleep. *Nnn nnn nnn*, a gentle wave of pleasure woke her up and she shifted her hand down his stomach. The plastic clicking sound told her his state of sleep and the hard on was throbbing in her hand. The toy inside her was easily evacuated with the loop hanging out of her pussy.

He rolled on top of her and pinned both her hands on the mattress, while the thick manhood poked into her entrance. Slowly, the hot rod filled her still-wet pussy up in breathtaking satisfaction. The living ‘toy’ inside her had somehow calmed her stress away and returned her confidence to her traumatic past.

As he slid that erection in and out of her, his weight showered her with strength and stability. Soft moans accompanied his deep groans, while she felt empowered by the tiny shivers he made. The upward-angle of his cock was making small but deadly thrusts at her g-spot, gradually building up her orgasm she knew to be the most pleasant she will ever have.

She now understood the reward of being patient when it came to losing her virginity, giving it to a man who knew how to handle one. The intensity of his hips grew to wear her sanity thin, until she slammed her feet and arms around him for le petite mort (little death, or orgasm).

The want to have him inside forever echoed strongly in her tiny mind, sparking euphoria all over her skin. He had never felt so hot nor big inside her, until she got so tight around him. ‘It’s my turn to cum now’, he let her hold him as his hips made the powerful strokes, ramming the pile driver continuously into her recovering pussy.

He started ‘scooping’ inside her as he reached his climax and shoved his cock slower than before when cum spewed from the tip. The liquid he left for her was so warm and squishy, lubricating his way out without any pain. Not only he rested beside her after the defloweration, his fingers never left her clit that had some cum smeared on it.

The blindfolds left her eyes to a dimly lit bedroom, and her phone raised by the lamp got her curiosity. ‘I recorded it on your phone’, he stupidly admitted to leaving evidence of their unconventional fling, but there was something between them that kept them trustworthy.

They fell asleep in the nude after washing up, and his alarm the next day was the familiar sound of sex playing on her phone. Morning wood, meets morning dew. The pair had a crazy time fucking each other in place of breakfast, doing it all over the two storey chalet and at windows.

Did she really just lose her virginity or her mind, to the constant desire for his cock?

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