Doe’s Girl

The KTGS student hurried out of the school alone after the bell rang to avoid being seen by her classmates as she hopped into a white car with heavily tainted windows. Doe: ‘How’s school today?’ Jessica: ‘Just so so only. Very tired.’ Doe: ‘See what I bought for you?’ Her 20 year old boyfriend held […]

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Her Crush’s Responds

Rebecca: ‘Thanks for sending me home.’ Henry: ‘I am not going to let you to go home alone at this hour. Have a good rest k?’ The car turned into the 18 year old’s carpark and he stopped his vehicle in between two vans. They had went out with their poly friends that night and […]

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Freelance Encounter.

Jessie reached John’s room as planned at 8pm and she understood that her freelance job would usually require to have sexual intercourse with her clients. Rarely she would enjoy the session like how a lady would wanted, but it was the money that kept her doing it. The flexible hours, minimum pay, all helped to […]

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Cumming New Year

It was by a stroke of luck that I could ask a new friend, Jenn, out for first day of new year as she had no plans either. We had no idea what to do for that day, but we both shared something in common. She was once a reader of my site, who would […]

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First Train

Everyday, Taylor would take the first train to the CBD, his workplace. Most of mornings, there would be one or two office girls in the same cabin and he would take long peeks at them as they shuts their eyes to get a rest. Once in a while, he would catch a glimpse of the […]

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