Loving Agony

‘Lick me again’, she whispered to him after he took a break from the oral sex he was giving and watched him disappear under her groin again, feeling that warm tongue flicking around. Bubbles got especially wet the second time and felt him sucking her clit so hard, climaxing into his face with a gush of liquid right into his mouth.

Sean was pleased with the relief she got and remained on his knees, while moving his body upwards over her. As soon as his dick touched her pussy, her weak limbs came to life and tried to knock his joke off, only that he wasn’t making one. The weight of his thighs kept her legs wide open while her arms couldn’t get between their touching bodies.

The first inch of his dick pierced into her pussy, spreading those delicate lips open and forcing the rest of it in. The gasping expression told her how tight she was but it was his size that was hurting her so bad. Even if she had fingered herself before, her mind was never ready for something this hot and thick.

‘Don’t resist. Just relax and it will be less painful’, his warm breath carried those words into her ears and her body listened, to the assault she gradually accepted. A sigh came from her when his groin touched hers, completing the seal with his dick buried deep inside her.

He pushed his hands under her back and carried her on his chest, where her arms wrapped around his neck automatically. Sean’s strong arms brought them to standing position and he used a wall to support some of her weight, while she was hanging dearly for her life and to prevent him from going too deep.

Her ass felt his firm grip on them and he bounced her up and down, slamming her hips on his half-squat stance. The depth of his penetration had clouded her mind long ago and she was moaning more sexily. Besides the unexpected pauses that delayed her orgasms, something in her was begging for more.

‘Why do you keep stopping?’, asked the clueless Bubbles who was getting impatient for her first penetrative orgasm. ‘You’re too tight! I might just cum anytime’, he groaned in the most agonising tone and she got his message instantly. She let go of her hands slightly to touch her own clit and masturbated while he lifted her up and down, till she came all over his balls.

‘Put me down first, I’ll help you’, those words delighted Sean’s aggressive mode and he let her down, for her to retrieve her panties from her bag. Wrapping that silky, soft panties around his cock, the slight dampness was perfectly lubricating her handjob.

She kept going against the increasingly violent trembling of his legs and did not stop until her panties soaked up his hot cum, excess dripping loudly onto the floor. His dick became the hanger for her panties once she jumped away and hugged him from behind while he cleaned up.

Finally, the deed was done and they sat quietly at that carpark stairs to catch their breaths. ‘When are we meeting again?’, Bubbles asked in an excited tone that Sean was getting a bit scared of. ‘Next week?’, he replied with a head full of thoughts about the tightness he just experienced.

The innocent, happy-go-lucky girl skipped ahead of him making their way out of the carpark, oblivious to the love-hate sensation she just stirred up in him. Well, it’s his own dick that couldn’t handle it – not him.

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