Disappointed at Nothing

Ryan: ‘Wrap your fingers around it and move up and down.’

His new girlfriend had no experience in handling a cock and just listened to him, puzzled by how a simple motion can cause him to groan and shiver so much. He had his hand under her shorts and was rubbing her as fast, making her moan in a deep voice she had no idea wasn’t that sexy.

He soon fought his way into her legs and fingered her crazily, distracting her handjob that was keeping him high. Seeing his young girlfriend orgasm after a while, he pulled his pants lower to hint her to finish him off as well.

She was so weak that he had to put her hand around his dick and even jerk himself for a while, before she regained her strokes. The confused girl just stared at him with those tired, sleazy eyes until he held her still, for his cum was about to blow.

Ryan (whispering): ‘I’m going to shoot.’

She quickly let go of his cock in fear and dare not touch it anymore, no matter how hard he tried to convince. Growing desperate at the state of orgasm, she never laid another finger on him that moment. Having no choice, he got up and stood in a corner like a sad little boy, masturbating till he sprayed his cum into the wall.

The disappointed look on his face did not get to her at all, but she offered to clean him up with the wet wipes he carried. The last bit of consolation prize was all he could make do with and she felt a little distant from him after that.

As if he was just using her to unload his balls.

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