Sleepover Me

Me: ‘Wish you all the best guys! Don’t forget what we learnt in this camp.’

My group of eight poly students shook hands and exchanged numbers, a common routine that lasts at least two outings before the group dispersed. Still, the main focus of the camp was to instil critical thinking under stressed conditions, through cooperative activities without knowing much about each other.

In the hotel’s partitioned ballroom, the debrief was a short and sweet one, sending everyone off for their much deserved rest. I too, was worn out but had made my plans to crash in the hotel for the final exam of my private course the next day.

Lindy: ‘J! Where are you heading?’
Me: ‘Uhh.. I actually booked a room here.’
Lindy: ‘Woah! With who huh?’
Me: ‘Alone la. I need to sleep and then rush off for an exam tomorrow.’

She was quick to suggest using the bathroom for a shower before heading home and I was okay with it, since I had paid a huge price for just one night. Lugging my backpack consisting of three days’ worth of outdoor equipments, we went into the room and she dashed for the toilet.

Lindy (shouting): ‘Actually, can I spend the night here? I won’t disturb you!’
Me: ‘What? You serious? Why aren’t you going home?’

She nicely stank the toilet up and explained her distraught family situation to me, earning my pity to sleep over. Who else knows best about the lack of a conducive environment to rest? That was why I chose to sleep at the hotel too.

When I finished showering, she had tucked herself into bed, wearing a bra that clung onto her shoulders.

Lindy: ‘I don’t have clean clothes to wear.. so.. don’t be surprised k?’
Me: ‘Haha. What have I not seen before?’

I took the next hour to read up on my final notes and she just laid quietly beside me, peeping at my stuff while I refreshed my memories. After that, I turned the lights off and slept facing away from her, just to continue thinking about the upcoming exam.

Lindy (whispering): ‘J?’

Her hand went around my waist and hugged me tightly, rolling her breasts on my back. I couldn’t turn around in that position and just let her cuddle me, until her hand began to slither into my shorts.

Me: ‘Hey hey.. ‘
Lindy: ‘You don’t want it?’
Me: ‘I don’t see you as that kind of girl. Just get some rest.’

I felt her fingers wrap around my dick before I could react and flipped over to her, where she was even faster to shut me up with a kiss. The softness of her lips smeared green apple lip balm on me and things heated up very quickly in the bed.

Our legs intertwined while our hands rubbed each other off, singing lullaby with our sensual moans.

Lindy (whispering): ‘Will you fuck me with this?’
Me (whispering): ‘Without protection?’
Lindy: ‘Uh huh.’

Silly or smart, I got up and harshly turned her onto her fours, dragging her butt out for my dick. The wetness-test was long done and I slid my cock into her tight, fleshy hole, enveloping my rod in breath-taking warmth.

To be fair, I had three days of pent up urges stored and she was not too far away too. Her loud groans filled the room up as I hammered her senseless, jerking her body so hard with my powerful strokes. Within minutes, she came swiftly without any difference in tightness, and sounded less energetic immediately.

Lindy (moaning): ‘Go slower! I just came!’
Me (groaning): ‘But I am about to come too!’

She used the last bit of strength to shove her ass backwards and let me pound her really deep. The days of cum I gathered finally found an exit and we had to pause reluctantly in case I creamed into her. She skilfully lay on the pillows to get to a comfortable height for me to mouthfuck her and she gagged non-stop to my uncontrollable thrusts.

Me (shouting): ‘Cumming!’

For her safety, I stayed at her lips while I piled my load into her mouth, trembling violently at the escaping cells. She suckled on the tip for as long as I cummed, and left me exasperated on the bed. She swallowed my cum in her laziness and passed the blanket to me.

Sprawled all over the bed, we just slept in our final position till my morning call came. Lindy was nude waist down when I packed my bag, and received a kiss before I left.

Me (whispering): ‘Sleeping beauty, don’t get up till it’s time to check out k?’

She tiredly handed me her panties for souvenir and I hurried off after keeping her present. After the exam, I was full of confidence and a casual glimpse of my phone alerted me to an image message. Lindy had took a nude selfie in front of the beautiful hotel room and sent it to me.

That evening, we met for dinner before we rendezvous at her place. With her bed creaking so loudly, there was no reason her parents could suspect otherwise.

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