Ocean Two

The strange woman entered the house again and went into my parents’ bedroom, where Dad was home earlier than usual. She was much younger than mum but wore really fashionable clothes. Short skirts, see through tops, black bra. The unmistakable sex sounds came out loudly from the room and I couldn’t shut the noise out no matter how much I covered my ears.

Girl (whispering): ‘You didn’t tell me your son is home!’
Dad: ‘Fuck! He is?! Son!’

I woke up disgruntled to the obvious cheating act and gave him a ‘what you want’ look. He only whispered into her ear and she came over to my bed, looking at me cooly as if asking for forgiveness.

Girl: ‘You dad and I are good friends. That’s why we meet here. So Mummy won’t suspect that daddy is cheating outside. You are a smart boy right?’

My dad lit a cigarette casually at the door and puffed away from the room. Both adults looking at me quietly.

Me: ‘So? What do you want?’

She pulled my blanket away and looked at my boxers, reaching into the thighs to my dick. My dad walked away after she started and closed the door until a small gap remained. She was quick to get my cock hard and going, pumping it with the pre-cum I gave her.

Me: ‘You are doing this to get my cooperation?’
Girl: ‘Does it work?’

She pulled down the waistband from under and bent over my cock, starting with a deep throat I never experienced before. She was around 25 or so from her figure, and her fair skin didn’t looked as weathered as mum. I wasn’t thinking straight when she moved faster, right to the moment I was about to cum. She then just stopped.

Girl: ‘Shooting soon? Like father like son huh?’
Me: ‘You can tell?’
Girl: ‘Of course.’

She pulled me to the edge of the bed and rolled my study desk chair over, bending her chest on it. I raised her skirt to see her pantyless state and a reddish pussy peeped at me. My dad.. just fucked her this hard? She looked so beautiful down there despite the bushiness, but the puffy lips were so alluring.

Girl: ‘Put it in?’
Me: ‘No condoms?’
Girl: ‘I’m on the pill. Can’t get pregnant. Shoot it all inside me.’

I moved my ass nearer to her and sank into the warm hole, wet to a perfect amount. She rocked her ass a few times backwards but I found myself moving involuntarily. Thrusting faster and faster, I lost my mind when that enclosed fleshy cunt devoured me. She felt really good and I was just engrossed in making her moan.

The tighter she got, the faster I went. Things were so blurry and awesome at the same time, but the end was nearing as I went mad. ‘Oh yes! Fuck me baby!’, she called out as I was about to cum, burying my cock in long strokes deeply inside her. The first squirt came along with my forward thrust and I just pushed it in, cumming for as long as she kept milking me.

I fell back before the last twitch could happen and she just sat on my lap for a moment, grinding in circles to make sure I was done. A tight squeeze then came at the base, and she lifted herself away slowly, carrying all my seeds and cum with her.

Clean! That was how my little one looked when she pulled her skirt down. I held up my pinky to her and we made a promise. My dad left the house for a while before apologising to me, and was about to promise that he would never bring another woman into the house again.

Me: ‘Dad, but I made a promise to keep your secret. If she don’t come back, I’ll be breaking my promise right?’

He patted my head and we spoke about it for a while longer. Conclusion? She’s welcome anytime mum is not home. Even if she is, that lady is around my age to be my ‘girlfriend’. Woah, dad’s mistress is fucking me openly?

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