Good Sexpension

Janice (whispering): ‘Fuck me now.. ‘

She pulled up her flaring mini dress and started touching her pantyless crotch, giving off purr-like moans in the privacy of his car. He slouched lower on the backseat and undid his jeans, whipping his cock out to fill the car with a salty scent.

The excited girlfriend went between the two front seat and used the headrest for support, while lowering her hips over his erection. Slowly, Ron made exasperating loud breaths as his cock disappeared into her, interlocking their genitals in his ride.

She leaned over the gearbox for him and let him hold her waist, guiding her higher as he got into position. Pumping furiously at his teasing girl, she was blasting groans above the volume of his music. The intensity he was pumping at, was possibly highlighting their vigorous activity from the bouncy suspensions.

Ron felt her tightness increasing as he thrust harder, fulfilling the definition of the ‘quickie’ they were having.

Janice (moaning): ‘I just came! Oh gosh.. ‘

He abruptly shifted her ass down next to where he seated and pulled her shoulder sideways, signalling her turn to finish him off. As soon as she started moving those glossy, pink lips up and down, Ron groaned so hard to her deep throat.

Ron (whispering loudly): ‘Cumming! Cumming!’

The church going lady sucked extra hard at his throbbing cock to intensify the powerful jets of cum filling her mouth, very quickly making Ron beg for mercy. She kept sucking on his expended rod till he pushed her away, but got her back into his arms for a tight hug.

Janice (panting): ‘Someone just went crazy huh?’

He held her for a long while before they drove off, sending her home first in that short, black dress ending way too high above her knees.

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