Meal for Feel

Sophia: ‘Thanks for the food tonight. If not my kids will be hungry tonight.’

The 38 year old mother rested her head on my shoulder as we sat in front of the TV, hunger satisfied from the sticks of satay we devoured. To think it all began with her clothes falling onto mine (from upstairs), her girl was sensible enough to listen to her mum as well, evacuating my flat once she got two plates of food.

That thin shirt on her body was really the typical ‘auntie’ outfit, with a pair of floral shorts covering her wide hips. She did not take long to slip her weathered fingers into my shorts, caressing the growing manhood in her cold palm. Her husband was those men who makes very little, but splurges more on himself than his family.

She had to rely on welfare assistance and use that bit of money to support three person, living very simply despite having a big house. My mind was soon distracted when she pulled my shorts down, head sliding over my belly right above my dick.

It was no surprise she could find comfort in me, a single guy capable of renting a whole apartment to myself. A deep breath filled up my lungs when she pushed those thin lips down my shaft, tongue wiping saliva all over the tip. From where I was sitting, I easily poked my hand into her collar and fondled those unpadded boobs, making her squirm while sucking me off.

Sophia: ‘You know.. my husband only treats me as an outlet for his release. I’ve never felt anything so sexy in a long while.’

Her hand continued masturbating me with the saliva she left, pumping me into a series of tiny twitches. She got on her feet in front of me and stripped her shorts off, baring her shaved pussy for my astonished look.

Me: ‘He wanted you to be shaved?’
Sophia: ‘Nope. I kept it that way so I can wash less underwears. We can’t afford to use the washing machine much.’

I opened my arms for her to walk into and she pulled me down onto the couch, lying over her body, cock dangerously close to her vagina.

Me (whispering): ‘Condoms?’
Sophia: ‘That’s for him to use. Not you.’

I gently angled my hips down and warmed up to her inviting slit, calming my senses till they were completely relaxed. Her calves wrapped around my back as I began thrusting, moans entering my ears to tell me how great I was going. She was exceptionally tight after having two kids, and the compliments she gave totally made me more excited.

Pumping fast and hard into her groin, our eyes locked so intimately we could feel the beasts in us trying to break free. Her matured body, with my energetic thrusts, what could be a better combination?

Her kisses felt really soft on my lips, without so much a hurry nor intrusive tongue actions. If not for those sensual pecking, I would have lasted much more longer than this.

Me (groaning): ‘I can’t hold it anymore.’
Sophia (whispering): ‘I’m on the pill.’

She raised her arms to the armrest above her head and jerked her body in the opposite direction, till I fell hard on top of her chest. Panting and cumming and groaning, her tightness was forcing every drop out of me with a slight suction.

The orgasmic look on her face was so mesmerising I couldn’t stop staring for the next few minutes.

Me (panting): ‘Did you cum?’
Sophia: ‘Not really. But I’m happy that you did.’

She put on her shorts (and panties) while I disappeared into the bathroom, to see her doing the dishes at the sink when I was done washing. I did the drying to clear the basin and she left after giving me a goodbye kiss.

The next evening, I invited the two girls and her over for dinner again. It is definitely better to exhaust my groceries faster so there will be fresh ingredients every meal. Sophia stayed a bit longer to do some ‘housework’ in return, while her two girls went home to finish their homework.

This time, we used the bed.

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