Must Clean Down There

Mummy¬†(shouting): ‘Nel?’
Nelson¬†(shouting): ‘I’m not done showering yet!’
Mummy: ‘I know. Let mummy see something.’

The lock un-clicked and the 35 year old mum walked in on her only son, 13, in his towel. She made him sit on the toilet and took his towel away, to see a tiny dick shivering in the cold.

Nelson: ‘What you want to see?’
Mummy: ‘To make sure you got wash properly! My friend’s son had to circumcise cause he never wash under the skin.’
Nelson: ‘What skin?’

She used her long fingernails to trail a circle around his foreskin before digging under, causing Nelson to hold her wrist. She kept going deeper until he was moaning, unknown to him that it was actually sexual to be sounding like that. The t-shirt and pants clad mother ignored that and peeled his skin backwards, revealing a whitish film around the pink head.

Mummy: ‘See! Never wash!’
Nelson: ‘How to?’

She held the showerhead and checked the temperature before watering his dick, wetting her shirt by the way. Braless, he did not know what’s so attractive about boobs until he looked down her shirt. Firm, but a little saggy. Before he realised, she was rubbing his dick head harder, on top of an unseen length. It felt really good as she cleaned around the ring, relaxing him on the water tank behind.

Mummy: ‘Wei! Wash it yourself now.’

She pumped soap into his palm and literally watched him jerk himself, to which she slapped his hand away. Holding his thumb over the tip, she moved his finger to cover where she wanted and left him to do it a few times.

Nelson: ‘Mummy.. it feels good when you wash it.’
Mummy: ‘Really? But as a man, you must know how to wash it too.’
Nelson: ‘I know already.’

She sighed and squatted down again, letting him spray the water while she rinsed the soap away. He naughtily wet her shirt more with nowhere to run and had to use his towel to wrap herself under her shirt before taking it off.

Nelson: ‘Mummy. Can I wash you too?’
Mummy: ‘No!’
Nelson: ‘Please? I also need to know how it looks like on a girl ma.’

The few seconds of awkward silence went away after she checked the kitchen (sticking her head out) to see that no one else was home yet. Her shorts came off under the towel and he harshly ushered him away. The appearance of a beautifully shaved pussy peeked out from the towel and the strong jet of water shocked her a little.

He soaped his hand again and really explored her exterior, missing out on her orgasmic face when he hit her clit.

Mummy (whispering): ‘Nel.. keep touching there.’

He poked randomly at that spot until she shivered violently, followed by some whitish liquid catching on his fingertips.

Mummy: ‘Nel just gave mummy an orgasm. It is just how you feel when you masturbate.’
Nelson: ‘Masturbate? I have never done it before.’
Mummy: ‘What? Then it means your urinary tract won’t be clean too!’

She sat upright and rubbed his hand for soap, jerking him off to the same groans again. Secretly, she was so proud of his size, almost reaching his dad’s at just that age. After three minutes of sensual moaning in the toilet, the last straw came when she showered his pee hole with that spray.

Yellowish cum dribbled over her hand and washed into the drainage, ejaculating for the first time in his life. His load was overwhelming to watch for Mummy and she suddenly had the desire to fuck her husband’s brain out – just to see his load for reference.

The mother son pair dried themselves up and resumed their homework-then-sleep routine, Nelson unable to calm his erection down around his mother. Before he slept, he asked her for another round and there was barely a teaspoon’s worth.

The Johnson’s and Johnson’s baby wipes he never finished was back in business, cleaning their dirty laundry before she tucked him into bed.

Man (shouting): ‘Honey! I’m home!’
Mummy: ‘Your son is sleeping la!’
Man (shouting): ‘Oops! Sorry Nel!’

A goodnight kiss went on his forehead and he closed his eyes. The creaking of his parents’ old bed needed no imagining as he knew what they were doing. His dad must be feeling what he felt earlier.

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