Uniform Coincidence

Nigel was all self-conscious when he walked through the bus interchange with the 16 year old in her school uniform. Not only he was wearing the No. 4 uniform, the ‘two bars’ made it even worse if anyone were to catch him in the ‘act’. They walked suspiciously like strangers but not strangers, side by side and talking about their plans they discussed online. Since he got enlisted till he got his rank (about to ORD), he had little freedom posted to a BMTC school.

As for Emily, she came from a neighbourhood school in the vicinity and decided to meet him, having a slight fetish for men in uniformm. The sound of ‘Officer in SAF’ totally caught her attention, knowing full well of the tough training they had to go through. Simply looking at his fit arms turned her on so much on the walk home.

Nigel: ‘How do you know this place?’
Emily: ‘My ex and I use to come here.’

She casually put her tote bag down and untied her pony tail, waving her head to free those tangled locks. The NS guy became the one to get paranoid and used his ‘tracking skills’ to see if the households below them were home. The lack of shoes, darkness under the doors, eerie silence, gave him all the assurance he needed.

Emily: ‘So, are those pants designed to be taken off in a flash?’

He put his assault bag down and stood on stable ground, just two steps away from where she sat legs tucked to a side. He showed her the three-buttons design for the crotch, citing ‘stealth’ for the reason not to use a zipper. She quickly got to unbutton them and he just let her, showing her a trimmed patch of pubes as soon as she opened wider. She left his pants at her knees and asked about the compression boxers, to get an explanation about ‘abrasions’.

She soon got that down to his thighs and a flaccid 2 inch awed her. Not sure of how to reduce the damage if he was caught, not-doing-anything seems to be the best idea. Emily touched his cock and inspected it all over, only to see ‘him’ rise in her hand.

Nigel: ‘Are you wearing shorts under?’
Emily: ‘Just panties. Do you want to see them?’
Nigel: ‘Can I?’

She immediately stripped them off under her green skirt and gave it to him, where he turned it inside out to see the wet stains at her groin. The embarrassed girl took his hand and slipped it under her skirt, splatting his fingers on the mess between her legs. His erection grew harder and he kneeled before her, rubbing her clit while she jerked him slowly.

Nigel: ‘Are you still up to let me taste her?’
Emily (whispering): ‘I was hoping you didn’t forget that.’

She leaned back on the edges and let him sit under her, holding her own knees wide so he could burying his face into her. Large deep breaths came as soon as he started slurping around, nose working with his tongue to catch all her juices. Emily couldn’t fight the urge to caress her own boobs and went under her buttoned shirt to hold them, fingers moving obviously under the white top.

After five minutes, the breathless officer appeared in her face to wipe his mouth, tempting her to kiss him. They just did exactly that and he felt better, knowing that she was as consensual as him. Their intense tongue fight brought their hips together and she carefully pointed his dick at her pussy, awaiting his victory in the final battle of ‘right’ versus ‘good’.

Their mouths broke free when she gasped to the first inch poking into her, stretching and holding those thin, developing flesh apart to accommodate his girth. Extra juices leaked to lubricate his entry and her toes almost cramped up when he completed his ‘invasion’.

Emily (whispering): ‘Can I hug you?’
Nigel: ‘Hold tight then.’

Her legs went behind his back and she wrapped her arms tighter around his neck. He picked her up easily and turned around to sit on her previous position, holding her connected body firmly by the waist. That waist was the smallest he had felt and possibly ever might feel – 23 in’. Her feet was on the ground ready to lift but he wasn’t done yet. The small buttons on her shirt popped apart and he raised those bras away, to suck on the twenty-cents sized nipples.

Just as he got started, his hands moved her ass along the baggy trousers to slide her back and forth, sticking that cock of his repeatedly into her. That little head of hers couldn’t bear that sensual teasing at all and she did a little squat over his lap, for him to jerk his hips upwards instead.

He had to use some force to jab it in against the tight muscles, blasting euphoria into both of them at the same time. The bench-press he did in camp was useful for the first time combined with her little hops, lasting for a few intense minutes. He held her down for the last thrust and picked her up, leading her to a flat ground in front of the small horizontal connecting railing.

Emily: ‘Doggy?’
Nigel: ‘Yupp!’

He slammed his cock into her legs without waiting and caught her looking back, biting her lips and moaning softly. The sight of a uniformed man pumping with his two years of physical training, was too good to miss. He was perfectly blurring her vision with that size, and occasionally giving her the much anticipated orgasms too.

Emily (moaning): ‘Are you cumming soon? I’m getting sore there.’
Nigel (groaning): ‘A bit more!’

He grabbed her hair and yanked them backwards, unleashing his x-th number of days of sexual tension. Emily experienced the deepest penetration beyond what her fingers gave her and gave off a few unrestrained moans, scaring Nigel for a bit.

Nigel (whispering): ‘I’m cumming!’

He warned her as his dick slipped out of her slit, ‘jumping’ up and down for the finale. She went to the steps and asked him to stand over her, while she jerked him off pointing at her lips.

Nigel: ‘In your mouth?’
Emily: ‘Don’t guys always want that? We don’t need to clean up too.’

Upon hearing that, he backed off her and went back to the rails. He waved her over and wrapped her hand over his dick, pumping towards the ‘one-way’ tunnel down the centre of the stairs. ‘Oh!’, she eureka-ed and proceeded to manually finish him off, spraying his load down the interestingly fall to the first floor. Only of course, none reached that far.

She held up her dirty hand (with some cum) and pouted at him, only to see him pat her undies free of dust to give it to her. The school girl was so surprised at how resourceful he was, cleaning his dick after her hands were dried. They got dressed and he was allowed to keep her thongs, a frilly designed one.

Emily: ‘Put it around your dick and balls when you go for training. Then you won’t get abrasions!’
Nigel: ‘Idea too.’

They walked out of the lift one after another and stole a kiss near her house, making his way home after a satisfied relieve. A 22 year old officer, with a 15 year old student. She’s as addicted to him as he is to her. Manageable for now.

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