The Last Stand

Me: ‘Baby! I can’t take it anymore!’

Her head just kept bobbing up and down over my dick that just finished unloading his third round, my eyes barely opening to her sudden deep throat. The buzzing of the toy inside her was still going as strongly as when I first inserted, causing her to be so crazy after her long holiday.

She massaged my lubricant-covered dick as she climbed over my body, squatting next to my hips while sitting backwards. Sliding my long but soft rod into her, she positioned herself upright pressing on my belly.

Me (groaning): ‘Condoms!’
Baby: ‘I’m sure there’s nothing left inside you.’

The grin was unmistakable as she hardened my cock inside her, grinding back and forth to tease my weak spots. My neck was strained from the intense pleasure shooting through my body, but there was no denying I got hard even after cumming so much.

She grabbed my wrists with her wet hands and pulled me up, while she fell onto her back. Cupping my palms over her D cups, they were my only support as I slid my ass along the crumpled bedsheets. Thrusting in and out of her warm pussy, she was just getting her needs met. I leaned towards her head to reposition my angle, slaming my cock horizontally downwards to make her scream.

Holding my blanket between her teeth, agonising groans were kept to minimal volume while our hips slapped repeatedly. I was so tired but angsty about her vigour that I ended the streak halfway, commanding her in an unexpected stern tone to ‘get into doggy’. Baby excitedly felt my energetic return and turned over obediently.

I rammed my cock into her pussy before she was in position, sending screams into the air while she fell into the pillow. Hammering waves through her body, the clenched fist only spurred me on to go faster. As her vagina hindered my entries with a merciless closure, I delivered my hardest strokes, to counter her gentle rejection.

Me (moaning): ‘I’m gonna cum now Baby!’

I held her waist onto my groin as she tried to escape, pumping whatever left inside into her body. The strongest orgasm took 10% of my life away and I let my body fall backwards, popping out of her vagina in a cutesy fashion.

Baby remained in her position for at least five minutes before turning herself towards me, crawling into my arms tiredly.

Baby (whispering): ‘Let’s sleep.. ‘

I used my last bit of energy to return the powerless dildo into her pussy, before she kissed me goodnight.

Me (whispering): ‘Goodnight baby.’

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