Wetting Ourselves

Without waiting for her friend to move into the passenger seat, Diana jumped onto my lap in her drunken state to get to some stable ground. A hard object hit my groin and wetness immediately warmed my shorts, to which she just act playful and stayed on top of me.

‘Are you going to sit on his lap for the whole trip?’, teased her friend when she saw how crazy Diana was. ‘Uh huh! My baby seat!’, she wrapped my arms around her exposed waist and leaned her head on my shoulders, breathing alcoholic air into my neck. Tilting her head to my ear, she did a ‘stretch’ to pull my head closer, whispering, ‘Alight with me later k? I’ll clean you up’.

I let my pants soak whatever liquid she was releasing, until the distinct smell of pee filled up the car. Admitting that her bladder was about to blow, much of the journey was spent in the strong wind against our faces. Soon, we reached her place first and I found my excuse to escort her home, which the group understood since I lived hearby.

We walked awkwardly away from their loud farewell till we entered the lift, where Diana kept apologising. ‘How did that even happen?!’, I had to ask in the most bewildered tone. I knew she was wearing something hard, perhaps a G-string or a pair of safety shorts, but the speed she peed puzzled me the most.

‘Walk behind me k? My brother is home’, she made sure to ring her keys loudly when we entered, only to hear her brother addressing him from the closed bedroom door. We went straight to the common bathroom only to have her try to strip my shorts, and removing her own once I took over my own pants.

‘Shit la!’, was the most appropriate thing to exclaim when we both saw how big the stain was. ‘Go into my bedroom first’, was my next instruction as she soaked our bottoms in a pail, adding Dettol to it to musk the scent.

As Diana appeared in the room with towels, she was in an oversized t-shirt without any visible pants on. I removed my underwear as told and used wet wipes to clean myself up, while she packed my undies into a plastic bag. ‘You can go home without underwear right?’, she asked just as the lights were turned off, to hide the fact that someone else was in her room.

‘GOODNIGHT KOR!’, the fake tone she wished her brother in managed to get us an expected reply, sending us to navigate in the dimness of her room. ‘Sit down leh. Don’t make me feel so bad. Got clean properly right?’, I joined her in the bed under the blanket with one of those mysterious erection, perhaps stirred awake by the girly aroma of her room.

There was nothing else for us to do except to sleep, and wait till day break when her brother would head for work. Lying butt naked next to her, the last bit of alcohol was engaging her super comfy state.

Her cold hand soon brushed over my groin and she grabbed it suddenly, exhaling deeply into my neck (again). ‘Someone’s hard?’, she sounded a little slutty with that question. Holding the answer in her hand, she managed to get me moaning with a few adjustments of her grip. My lifeless arm was then brought to her belly and she stretched her panties (which I then knew she wore one) for me to enter.

‘I’m wet too’, a moan extended those words as I touched her wet clit, rubbing in circular motions while she jerked me. The ‘formal’ exchange of pleasure was in the most awkward position, tiring my arm out from the eagerness to make me finger her. In no time, she was the only one working under the discretion of her stationary blanket.

‘I can’t move much in this position leh’, the softest whisper escaped my mouth and she hugged my legs like a bolster. Holding my waist gently, she tugged a few times for me to lie on top of her. My cock was stroked and stoked on the contact with her pussy, swiping up and down that narrow slit of hers. Giving in to her slow pull, my hips descended onto her groin and penetrated her vagina, moaning continuously to my entry.

Once I positioned myself away but on top of her, she held my ribs with the softest grip, breathing out the word, ‘quietly’. My hips slammed right into her pussy and saw her bit her lips to contain the excitement, loosening her mind as I pounded her non-stop.

The horny teen lifted her own knees over my shoulders and I kept one of her legs straight, piercing her repeatedly in the unique angle. It only took me a few minutes to feel her squeezing, followed by a brief shower over my balls. ‘Fuckkkk! I just came!’, her hands were unconsciously pulling me closer to her when she groaned, wanting more of it.

I shut her knees together and rolled her over into doggy, where she was quicker to stick her ass out at me. In the ambient twilight from outside her windows, I shoved my cock deep into her and held onto her waist to get my dessert. Loud groans went straight into her pillow as I hammered her hard, jerking her body towards the headboard.

Under ten minutes later, she was tightening again, this time, around my out-of-control shaft. Affected by booze and the random encounter, I couldn’t stop myself even if I wanted to. ‘Diana! I’m cumming!’, my warning for her shocked the hell out of her and she jumped away, only to scramble to my twitching dick over her bedsheets.

‘How now!’, she did the one thing she never should and grabbed my dick, giving it the last straw. ‘Mouth mouth!’, I retracted my hips away but it only made things worst. Her face dived in front of my cock and received the first load across her cheeks, forcing her to take me into her mouth as the rest of it ejaculated into her trembling lips.

Strong suctions kept me cumming until there was nothing left – to dirty her bed. Somehow irritated, she threw her blanket over my naked half and went out of her room, to handle whatever load I just gave her. When she returned, she kept quiet and snuggled into my chest, falling asleep to the heavy head on top of me.

The next morning, my morning wood received a ‘warm welcome’ from the body towering over me, awaking my senses to a gorgeous view. ‘My bro is out’, she began rocking her butt as I held her hips, shaking her back and forth. That cowgirl ride of hers didn’t last long once I sat upright, laying her on her back for another round of intense punishment.

This time, I creamed over her tummy as requested, ending our ONS with a thorough shower for each other. When it was time for me to go, the sight of my shorts hanging from a bamboo pole gave us the revelation. ‘I think my brother knows’, she said with darting eyes of shyness. We went for a breakfast together before I head home, as a much less-intimate friends.

Damn. I forgot my favourite pair of underwear.

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