Sickly Contented

A report that never got to where it should, from a man, Tim, shaped by his past.

When I was younger, I was a victim of family abuse. Not by my parents, but by my sisters. Being the youngest, I had no idea it was inappropriate for my sisters to dress me up in their clothes, ‘playing’ with lipsticks and make-up. Until I turned 12, did I notice the difficulty befriending boys my age. Still, I had no idea why.

Once I start my secondary school, things got worse. I knew something was changing when I have hair sprouting everywhere, causing itch I couldn’t hold in all the time. My three older sisters, suddenly took interests in dressing me up, making me wear panties instead of underwears. Since it wasn’t visible, I just listened to them and went around in those.

On a night our parents went for their weekly dates, they came into my room and asked me if I had sex education in school. At that time, it was very formal and brief, just highlighting the dangers and signs if we were sexually abused. They took my shorts off and touched my dick, bringing it to life for the first time in front of people.

I only knew touching it felt good but never masturbated till I came. So when one of them stroked me, I just fell on the bed shaking, unsure of all that was happening. They took turns to smell me and then wipe it clean, showing me the dead skin that I didn’t know existed underneath.

‘You are quite big huh?’ They said those words that had no meaning to me. I felt a mouth going over it and a really nice sensation just blocked out the rest of my senses. Their words were blurry, and huge waves of pleasure sent me shivering non-stop. The hands rubbing my dick kept changing and it was slowly driving me crazy, on top of an urge to pee.

At one point, I was crying as I didn’t know what I was feeling. Good, bad, wrong, right, it was all so confusing. About ten minutes into their girly fun, I just knew to ask them to stop. ‘Oh! He is cumming! Keep going!’, their giggles made me felt like a clown and they just keep tugging at my exploding cock.

My tummy hurt when the muscles contracted there, and my head just fell onto the bed when something came out from the tip. I knew something came out because it felt wet, and they used it to keep sliding their hands up and down. Frankly speaking, it felt really good and I still had no idea which of my jie showed me the fun side of masturbation.

They scooped up the white liquid around my groin and went out for a while, to wash their hands and laugh at me more. Tess, short for Theresa, came into my room to ask if I was ok. She was the youngest right above me and in my mind, the kindest of them all. She just laid beside me and held my hand, while rubbing my belly that was still aching.

She put my fingers at her legs and I felt something wet, followed by a moan when I moved around. Curious, I kept going and seeing her happy made me happier too. I let her push my fingers into her pussy and listened to her instructions, poking her till I was caught inside her.

A small squirt landed on my forearm when she trembled the same way, and the smile she showed me was the most beautiful I have ever seen. She wore her panties back and hushed me before going to their room, turning off the lights on the way out.

After that day, each of my sisters will come and spend some time with me. Letting me help them to ‘smile’ before they make me shoot. As disturbing as it is to me now, they still come into my room nightly, except that one by one, they are getting married and moving out.

Shan, the kind sister I told you earlier, stayed by my side till now. And we were ever closer when we gave our first time to each other. That was one memory I never regretted, fully understanding that virginity is the biggest gift you can give to someone, be it for importance, or memory.

I know it sounded fun and erotic throughout the whole story. But it also caused some dependency issues. When I got into my first romantic relationship, the hassle of understanding her was so disturbing. We all started out as strangers, slowly getting closer learning things we preferred. As compromising as I was, there were nights I went home in an unfair mood, only to be comforted by Shan’s intimacy.

I could only find solace in my sisters, not anyone else. Some time later, I took a break from everything and unraveled the mysteries of my emotions, dissecting every thing that happened, that I felt, to make sure I knew how to prioritise. Now in a stable relationship with someone I love, everything couldn’t be more perfect.

I have my sisters who loved me in their own special ways too.

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