An Order of Rough

An Order of Rough.

Inspired by Mel’s writing style.

The gentle caress on Cindy’s cheeks did little to ease her discomfort when I tugged her knees suddenly, sending her crashing into a pile before me. There was little time to waste at the vulnerable location and the slowness of her response were getting on my nerves.

Pinching her cheeks together, I stuffed my cock into her mouth and pinched her nose to prevent her from fighting back. She got the warning to do her job and held my thighs lightly, while I thrust into her face. Her soft tongue barely met my standards and I had to step forward till her head hit the wall.

Her rapid taps on my legs told me of her awareness, and I let go of her nose for her to do her job. Placing her index and thumb at the base of my cock, the proper way to do a blowjob finally relieved my anger. As if pleasing her master, she licked and slurped my cock noisily, covering as much distance as she could into her throat. My mind had gone blank from the comprehensive oral sex and instantly felt better at her performance.

After five minutes of her tiring blowjob, I picked her arms out and threw her against a window, looking out at the cars parked at the same floor. The unused staircase was our secret spot and she never failed to report at my calling. Yanking her tiny ass outwards, I had to push her back down so her pussy would stick out.

I did not have the patient to ‘slowly enter’, only the urgency to ‘ram it in’. She suppressed her own yelps in time for me to pound her hard, bouncing those braless C cups for anyone who was looking. Her body rose to her tiptoeing stance and her first orgasm brought her back to my ‘level’ again.

‘Turn around!’, I huffed my command into her ears and she obediently faced me, for me to lift her ass up onto the narrow ledge. Jamming my cock between her legs, she had no choice but to lean forward for support, body jerking to my relentless thrusts into her tight pussy.

There was no emotions between us, just rough sex and violent handling. Her faithfulness to my harsh methods puzzled me at times, but there was no denying she couldn’t get enough of it. I did not care about how good she felt when I was slamming my hips at her, just focused on going as deep as I could to stimulate every inch of my cock.

Soon, she got too tight for me and the last wave of energy was spent fucking her moans out into the echoey stairwell. I stepped away the moment I felt my load coming, having to pull her off the window and then shove her down to the ground. She knew what was coming and covered her mouth over the tip, jerking the rest of the exposed shaft at a slower speed.

My hips buckled shortly after and sent the sticky load of cum right into her mouth, where she swallowed them as they were delivered. Jodie did her job well in cleaning me up and got dressed while eyeing on my shrinking dick, taking the one last bit of cum into her mouth before I pulled my pants up.

We left the carpark as if nothing happened, with her arm in mine like a lost child. ‘Can we do it here again?’, she daringly asked the question to which I replied ‘yes’ to. Well, we actually didn’t have to go so far for our trysts, but there was nowhere more private than that (without paying).

How would you have treated your little girl who constantly hinted you to be ‘rougher’ with her?

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